Can Video Games Be Considered A Sport?

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Can Video Games Be Considered A Sport?

Meier Glab, News Staff East Campus

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Competitive video games, e-Sports as they’re called, have become a growing phenomenon over the last decade considering the massive amount of attention they are getting from the general population. Millions of people around the globe are tuning in on the internet to watch “professional gamers” duke it out for prize pools of over a million dollars. Not only are these players skilled at the games they play, they’re near perfect, spending hours a day practicing to fight to become the best in the world.

In 2018, an annual e-Sports tournament held in Katowice, Poland had over 169 thousand attendants watching teams represent countries including England, The United States, Croatia, Germany, South Africa, Serbia, Australia, the Netherlands and more. Alongside the live attendants, there were a total of over nine million views over the span of the 61 hour stream time of the tournament. This brought in large amounts of revenue for the prize pools totaling over two million dollars. The teams played a variety of games at this tournament, each having a specific roster of players for each individual game. The games varied from first person shooters like: Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch; to massive online battle arena games like Dota 2; battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; and real-time strategy games like Starcraft II.

Many of these professional players put hours and hours of practice and hard work to become the best in the world. According to ESPN, Greg “IdrA” Fields, a former StarCraft II champion, stated that his team would practice for 12 hours a day, taking only 2 days off a month. These hours of practice would usually go into only one game so these players could be the best at that game rather than just good at multiple games. If that’s not dedication, I’m not sure what is. There’s hours of training and practice in standard sports, what makes competitive video games any different?

Keeping an open mind through recent technological advances is essential to keeping up with everything, especially when times are changing more than ever before. Standard sports hand out millions of dollars from millions of viewers to players who put their whole lives into their passion. E-Sports are the exact same way, these competitive players drop everything and put all of their energy into not only a hobby, but a passion that is fun to partake in and fun to watch. In my opinion, based on the enormous amounts of revenue and fans competitive gaming brings in, alongside the dedication and heart the players put into them, e-Sports should not only be viewed as a competitive sport; but funded and broadcast the same as any other sport on television.

About the Writer
Meier Glab, Editor & Staff Reporter

Meier is a Senior at McHenry East Campus High School. He is a part writer and part graphic designer for the McHenry Messenger newspaper. He bowled varsity...


45 Responses to “Can Video Games Be Considered A Sport?”

  1. Luis Aguilar on April 4th, 2019 10:35 am

    YES! We really underestimate the amount of time, effort, and funding put into eSports. I wholeheartedly believe that eSports is a sport! My favorite game is Overwatch. A lot is put into consideration: health, damage per second, tanks, other support roles, defense vs attacking strategies, health pods, edges of maps… the list goes on. This is is almost parallel to other traditional sports except the players compete on a monitor now. Our club is in its pilot year but we look forward to so much in the future!

  2. Noah DuMez on April 5th, 2019 8:40 am

    This is great. I’ve been playing Call Of Duty Competitive for years and I’m so happy to see how Esports in general are making it mainstream. I’m glad someone finally shed some light on this topic.

  3. John Underwood on April 5th, 2019 2:29 pm

    I think video games should be considered a sport. While they don’t require as much physical ability as traditional sports, they still strategize, team, and push themselves to win just as much as any other sport.

  4. Autumn B on April 15th, 2019 7:56 am

    I really don’t think E-sports is a sport because it does not require physical activity and doesn’t get your blood pumping, All you are doing all day is sitting in a chair being lazy and you need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

  5. Abby Fitzgerald on April 15th, 2019 8:00 am

    Singing has a lot of competition, but is singing a sport??? No! All you do is sit there, playing video games all freaking day. There is no physical activity, or any real teamwork. My mother and my sister play Mario together as a family tradition, and they got very good at it. But are they fit? No. Does it make them feel more social? No. It isolates them from the world. In conclusion, video games is NOT a sport.

  6. Abby M on April 15th, 2019 8:01 am

    OK so singing has computations and takes hours of practice but is singing a sport. No!video games don’t involve any physical activity your literally sitting down doing nothing. You may be screaming at a screen and throwing controllers at your tvs but do you do that in sports? NO!!! Yes you guys compete in video games but your not getting up and moving around your sitting in a chair staring at screen. So in conclusion video games is not a sport.

  7. Briseyda Garcia & Deysi Palomino on April 15th, 2019 8:19 am

    We considere that E-sports are a sport because even though some doesn’t require to move your body, their are some that allows you to move. They require serious skills, and time to practice a game. Gamers need to be able to focus and remain completely calm under intense pressure. In Robert Morris University said that E-sports are part of the athletic department.

  8. Shelby Stalesky on April 15th, 2019 8:46 am

    No! Video gaming isn’t a sport because most people that play video games is just for fun and not for competition. Also not to forget some people that do this competitive thing they sometimes won’t even be noticed by it at all because some people around the whole world don’t even watch it.

  9. Brandon on April 15th, 2019 8:52 am

    I think video games should be considered a sport. The games take a lot of smarts to be able to get good at it. However, why can’t esports just be categorized as its own unique thing. It doesn’t have to be thrown in the same conversation as baseball, football, and basketball.

  10. Lina H & Daisy P on April 15th, 2019 8:52 am

    In our opinion gaming is a sport. One has to put the same amount of work in video gaming as on the football field. Stay up on long nights and play for hours and hours. Stay clam in hard and rough situation.

  11. KENNY LOPEZ! on April 15th, 2019 8:52 am

    i think it is a sport because you get payed millions and people all around the world come see them play the game

  12. Arly on April 15th, 2019 8:53 am

    I feel that Video Gaming should be considered a sport now that I have read more about it.Video Gaming should be considered a sport because it does take dedication and hard work and a lot of practice to become better at it every time.Video gaming needs a lot of practice especially if you are competing with other people.After reading this article I say that Video gaming does have a lot of similar things are other sports.Video games should be considered a sport.

  13. Sean Snyder on April 15th, 2019 8:56 am

    When you and a team are plying games like Fortnite and Call of Duty you need to talk to each of your player to see if they need help. When you and your friends are really good at some game you can go to a huge tournaments in different states to compete against the top of the people in each game. When you and your squad win the tournament you guys will win so much money from people donation money from the live stream to help support you and your team.

  14. catherine anderson on April 15th, 2019 9:06 am

    I believe that video games should not be called a sport. I feel that sports have to require physical activity and video games do not bring that. Yes, video games do have fans and they do have competitions and they do require skills. However, the voice and the show agt have fans and competitions and they also require skills as well. They’re not called a sport so why should video games be called one. Sports have physical activity and it gets your health to be better in the long run which I don’t think video games just do not do that. I have nothing against video games I just feel that it should not be called a sport and why can’t we just leave the name it already has which is just Video games.

  15. Edith Miranda on April 15th, 2019 10:12 am

    I personally agree with this and do think that it is a sport.

  16. Carmen on April 15th, 2019 10:19 am

    I do agree with Meier Glab because I have seen how some people stream on Twitch and they make it competitive but fun to watch at the same time. For example, the Overwatch Leagues make it competitive and fun to watch with their comments. They are creative and come up with comments. It was also very fun to watch these competitive games with a friend. I’d say it brought me closer to that person and made the end of the day fun and leaving us wanting more. I agree to having this being on television too for all the fans out there that want to watch it too but don’t have an electronic device. I’m kind off dumbfounded by only having 2 days off a month. I love that they do all they can to please their fans but they need to take care of themselves too. Their fans should be understanding of this too. I overall agree that Gaming is considered a sport.

  17. Dakota Hagen on April 15th, 2019 10:19 am

    I think that video games are a sport. One reason why I think that is because they get paid a lot and they practice hard everyday for hours and can earn scholarships for colleges and could actually start a career for their lives.

  18. Aldair Perea on April 15th, 2019 10:23 am

    I think video games should be a sport because gaming is competitive and others will play to be the very best.I also like playing competitively because I too want to be better in video games.#Apex Legends is better than Fortnite.

  19. Keven P on April 15th, 2019 10:28 am

    I agree that E-sports is a sport because they have the same qualifications as a traditional sport. They have teams, tournaments, matches, referees and etc. They also have thousands of people watching their sport.

  20. AJ L on April 15th, 2019 1:42 pm

    NO gaming is NOT a sport all you do is sit there and use your fingers. There is no physical activity involved. Even that you get paid more than real sports do it doesn’t mean its a sport. Sports require a lot more effort and physical activity.

  21. Eric J on April 15th, 2019 1:48 pm

    I think video gaming is not a sport because you just sit there and do nothing. There’s also no physical activity while playing . The author also says that players spend hours playing video games but rappers also spend hours in the studio and is not considered a sport .

  22. Adrian Stypulkowski on April 15th, 2019 2:00 pm

    I think that video game should not be a sport because there is no physical activity.

  23. Kassy Gonzalez on April 15th, 2019 2:00 pm

    In my opinion,I think video gaming is like a sport because e-sports are all about competition just like football or soccer. They need ability and concentration. The best players are so talented, they’re like the LeBron James video games. Serious gamers spend hours sharpening their abilities. Some pro gaming teams practice for up to hours a week. Some people say that playing video games doesn’t involve physical activity. But that’s not always true. When playing Wii sports, you move around and even get out of breath sometimes.

  24. Alexander Gresham on April 15th, 2019 2:01 pm

    I believe that video gaming should be consider to be a sport I have tuned in to competitive matches of games like overwatch and others. There is lots of teamwork involved you have to have certain roles to people. practicing on hours on end that takes a lot of determination.

  25. Kelly O on April 15th, 2019 2:19 pm

    I agree with the point of this newspaper, it should be considered a sport in my opinion.

  26. Ayden Watson on April 15th, 2019 2:24 pm

    I honestly think video gaming should count as a sport because people that play video games for there life they put in typically 12 plus hours into perfecting there skills and to work for being the best they can be in that sport and they get paid for it. Also because the pro players are playing competitively to be the best that they can be in that game.

  27. Paxton Rumpf on April 15th, 2019 2:34 pm

    I think that video gaming is a sport because people can win money and they hold tournaments for people who have enough skill to become pro gamers.

  28. Marcos Reyes on April 15th, 2019 2:36 pm

    I think Video games are a sport because you can win a bunch of money . You have to practice each day to get better. Teams compete for big prize pools and each game can have a roster and uniforms etc.

  29. Anthony Montes on April 16th, 2019 8:38 am

    Video games should be considered a sport because they have professional levels. E-sports get the same amount or even more viewers than regular sports. E-sports takes hours of practicing, hard work, and dedication.

  30. michael tackitt on April 16th, 2019 8:45 am

    I believe video gaming is a sport because it requires effort & knowledge. Some professional gamer’s do go to arena’s because they compete for money if they are in a tournament. That is why I consider gaming as a sport.

  31. Israel Diaz on April 17th, 2019 7:31 am

    I believe that e-sports isn’t sport because of the fact that it does have a physical activity. I also believe that e-sports can be a hobby. But people might say that they get like pressure to win so they get the heart rising but other than that there is not physical activity.

  32. Tyler on April 17th, 2019 8:03 am

    NO!!! Video games are not a sport due to the fact of you are literally just sitting in a chair or on a couch and being lazy. You need to get your adrenaline going or get your body all worked up. Physical fitness is always in sports and it certainly is not for video games. Sure, videogamers practice for hours and hours but that means only for a game and not for a football game or whatever. I have played a lot of sports in my day and I do not think videogames are a sport

  33. Michael Windhauser on April 17th, 2019 8:04 am

    I think video games are not a sport because you just sit down and stare at a screen. Some people say that it is a sport because they go and make money but how does that make sense, there’s no actual physical activity going on. The only thing moving that fans can see is the fake characters in the game. I think that video games aren’t a sport also because they don’t get your heart racing like at a baseball or football game.

  34. Owen Pleva on April 17th, 2019 8:04 am

    Video Games are always going to be a sport no matter what. I’ve been playing video games for years now and been playing in tournaments, getting money, and getting recognized by teams. I play Competitive Call Of Duty and make bank with other people in my team: Risen Four, ClapGang and RaZe Gang I’m on top. I play more than 12 hours a day.

  35. Daniel on April 17th, 2019 8:05 am

    I think that e sports are a sport because the amount of training or practicing is exactly the same in sports. Also, it’s mostly competition and dedication that make people think it’s a sport.

  36. Alexis Schwartz on April 17th, 2019 10:15 am

    No! Esports are not a sport because not everyone will get paid for playing video games if they are good. Also sports have practice and drills and video games don’t have that.

  37. Gabe Marin on April 17th, 2019 10:16 am

    I think that video games should be a sport because the players make a lot of money and in my opinion they practice a lot more then sports players do which is saying that there is more desire to be good and showing your skills. Yes i think video games should be a sport. They would be so fun to watch!!!!!

  38. jaden criss on April 17th, 2019 10:16 am

    Yes, even though there is not much physical motion, many people play video games as a job, and people play sports for a job, so if you can make some sort of profit then I think that it should be considered a sport. It doesn’t matter if there’s no motion in your body.

  39. Ryan Chavez on April 17th, 2019 10:21 am

    I think competitive gaming is a sport because people have to think fast and they have to strategize on what they are going to do next so they could plan ahead so they could win. Since I play Rainbow Six Siege, I have to concentrate and say call-outs so my teammates know where the enemy is and what they might try to do.

  40. Max Bogenski on April 17th, 2019 11:08 am

    I think video games should be considered a sport. It also takes team work just like some other sports. The people that play make a lot of money and they also have practice which will make them better.

  41. gavin dzierlinga on April 17th, 2019 11:10 am

    In my opinion video gaming is a sport. I believe this because people spends hours and hours competing and practicing .In my opinion a sport is something that gets your heart beating and video games defiantly gets your heart beating .

  42. Drew L on April 17th, 2019 11:12 am

    Yes I believe games should be considered a sport because it gets your mind thinking depending on what game you play. Like for me, I play Wii sports and I have to think my move before I throw my bowling ball down the lane. Another one could be Just dance on Xbox one. If you have a kinect it does require some physical movement to get points in the game.

  43. Kole H on April 17th, 2019 11:14 am

    No, Esports is not a sport. Yes, gaming requires skill but there is no physical activity and no face to face teamwork. Gaming can not get your heart rate up as a sport can do like basketball or football.

  44. Jaxson schloss on April 17th, 2019 11:15 am

    I say yes it is a sport because many people use it to get money and get skills people aren’t innate with skill. the virtual reality console you can look 3d with a helmet you move around and are active.

  45. AS on April 17th, 2019 11:16 am

    Yes, but no. I see both sides of the argument. You practice for hours and make money, but you don’t do anything active. There isn’t anything physical besides moving your thumbs back and forth. You sit and stare at a screen all day. Multiple things like singing and chess aren’t a sport. You practice for hours, but it isn’t a sport.

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