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Becky Arendarcyk

Becky Arendarczyk

Senior year was a funky cluster of challenges I don’t think any of us expected to face. That’s it. That’s my story. 

Kidding… Kidding…

Senior year is supposed to be a “warm and fuzzy” moment. Now that graduation is upon us, everyone is looking into college, working jobs, and most of us can drive — though I am not one of those people. Still, success and big things are happening. 

Though that was put on hold for most of us, I feel that so much growth came out of this year. I learned that I benefit from learning online and at home. Without a global pandemic, I wouldn’t have had a chance to find that out. 

I also learned that journalism is my jam. Getting “Best of SNO” was an absolute highlight of my high school career, and it came just weeks before my last day. I never thought I could write as a career because of my struggles, but the newspaper really showed me I can. 

Graduating high school during a pandemic taught me to hold onto the little things and celebrate successes when they happen. We never know what huge change will slap us in the face in an instant, so live in the moment.