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Studio Ghibli films often have a bright and fun look to them that fits with adventurous stories and adorable characters.

Five Studio Ghibli movies to take you away from reality

MJ Smit, Staff Reporter February 24, 2021

Studio Ghibli is an amazing Japanese animation film studio and is currently placed in Koganei, Tokyo. It’s well known for its animated movies including some short films, commercials, and one television...

Tri-Conference Art Show provides a new way of presenting art

Tri-Conference Art Show provides a new way of presenting art

Emma Westermeier, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

Steadily making their ways into corridors of the Fox Valley Art Conference, a crowd of student artists, parents, and teachers try their best to contain their excitement. They are greeted with an elaborate...

Sometimes, the best romantic comedies aren't from this decade, but from the not-so-distant past. Movies like

Review: Five romantic comedies to stream this Valentine’s Day

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

“The Kissing Booth” has become a staple for Valentine’s Day movies, but there are so many amazing romance movies out there that seem to be forgotten this time of year. If “Kissing Booth” is your...

Review: What’s going on in Westview?

Kennedy Tetour, Artistic Director February 10, 2021

Do you ever think to yourself, “Man, I sure do wonder what happened after the events of Avengers Endgame. Too bad there isn’t a very confusing show to fill me in on the ongoings of the MCU post blip.”...

Review: Ten anime shows to keep your energy up this winter

MJ Smit, Staff Reporter February 4, 2021

Bored at home? Don’t know what to watch while sitting on the couch eating your snacks? Want anime to consume your life to where you never stop watching it and you end up buying merch and posters of anime...

Up beat music, tacky costumes, and colorful scenery make 2001 film

Groovy Movies: Ears up, claws out

Kennedy Tetour, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 3, 2021

Josie and the Pussycats is a 2001 movie about an all-female rock band who are trying to make it big in the music industry. This movie is one of those movies that you can one thousand percent identify the...

Although it was never officially confirmed, most assume that Olivia Rodrigo's hit

License revoked

Kiera Loewe, Social Media Director February 2, 2021

Record-breaking, dramatic, emotional — all these words fit Olivia Rodrigo’s new song, “drivers license” that was released on January 8. With tons of new development surrounding the song there’s...

Billie Eilish performs in 2019 at the Pukkelpop Music Festival in Kiewit, Hasselt, Belgium. A documentary about the pop starwill be available streaming on Apple TV+ next month.

Always looking forward to the next thing

MJ Smit, Staff Writer January 29, 2021

In December of 2020 acclaimed singer, Billie Eilish, announced that she would be releasing a documentary to Apple TV+ along with a new era for her music. Eilish has been taking the world by storm since...

Groovy Movies: What do you wish for?

Kennedy Tetour, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 28, 2021

Over the holidays, the newest film in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) hit theaters and HBOMax for all to enjoy. I got to watch all 2 hours and 34 minutes of “Wonder Woman 1984” with my dad and my brother,...

Review: 10 “Glee” covers to bring joy when life gets dark

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

The early 2000s were the glory days for Generation Z's music, but something  else made the early 2000s iconic for our generation: “Glee.” the show almost everyone knows and loves (or at least tolerates)...

Mariah Carey's classic

Review: 10 holiday songs to pick you up during a pandemic

Kylie Chisamore, Sports Editor December 17, 2020

Baking Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, hanging the stockings, and attending holiday parties—all of these would just feel so incomplete without some great holiday music to accompany it. Here are...

Holiday recipes shouldn't be just for professionals, bloggers, or your crazy aunt who bakes a thousand cookies each December. These recipes are easy for bakers at every level.

Easy holiday recipes to celebrate the season

Kiera Loewe, Social Media Director December 16, 2020

It’s the holiday season! With Christmas coming up quick people are excited to enjoy many festive activities. We all know the best part of any holiday is the treats, so here are four of my favorite easy...

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