The McHenry Messenger


Launched in 2019, The McHenry Messenger is the student-run and student-edited school newspaper at McHenry High School in McHenry, Illinois.

Student journalists have the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press in school-sponsored media. The McHenry Messenger is a byproduct of these rights. We hope to use this platform to inform and engage the students and staff of McHenry High School as well as its broader community. 

As a student-driven publication, it is important to us that we represent every group within both campuses, provide a platform for them to speak their truth, and ensure access to objective, relevant information that they need to know.

As we endeavor to fulfill our journalistic mission, we recognize that learning and growing through our experiences as reporters, writers, and editors is a core aspect of what makes this a student publication.

Finally, despite the difficulties presented by these unprecedented times—which include a global pandemic that requires remote and hybrid learning—our student newspaper intends to meet the same high standard of journalism as any other school year.

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Past Recognition


Best of School Newspapers Online:

School Newspapers Online (also known as SNO) is the platform that the McHenry Messenger uses to publish its online newspaper. They acknowledge best stories being published on the SNO Sites network by labelling it as “Best of SNO” and republishing it on their website. These articles have earned such designation this year.

“Essay: Defending democracy” by Ciara Duncan

“The doctor is in” by Becky Arendarczyk

“Making it big” by Madison Harvey

“MCHS teachers and staff receive first COVID dose” by Emma Snyder

“One year later” by Emma Snyder, Madison Harvey, and Mackenzie Sroka