The McHenry Messenger


Launched in 2019, The McHenry Messenger is the student-run and student-edited school newspaper at McHenry High School in McHenry, Illinois.

The McHenry Messenger’s primary mission is to inform and engage the students and staff of McHenry High School as well as its broader community. 

As a student-driven publication, it is important to us that we represent every group within both campuses, provide a platform for them to speak their truth, and ensure access to objective, balanced information that they need to know. 

We also hope to engage our audience by covering the subjects most relevant to them and presenting it in an entertaining, accessible manner. 

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Best of School Newspapers Online:

School Newspapers Online (also known as SNO) is the platform that the McHenry Messenger uses to publish its online newspaper. They acknowledge best stories being published on the SNO Sites network by labelling it as “Best of SNO” and republishing it on their website. These articles have earned such designation this year.

“Seeing color” by Ciara Duncan

“Taking one for the team” by Oliver Simpson

“Battling student homelessness” by Michelene Havard

“West Campus senior helps save brother’s life” by Oliver Simpson

“Fresh ink” by Stacy Correra