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Opinion | Headphones are beyond helpful for students

Teachers may be unsure about whether headphones are beneficial but can make all the difference for some students
Annapatricia Cruz
Though many teachers think that headphone distract students, many students benefit from having music playing in their ears, especially students whose brains have a hard time focusing.

In 2023, it has become a common sight to see students at school, including myself, wearing headphones as part of their everyday routine. While the use of headphones in the classroom has generated mixed opinions, with some asserting that they lead to distraction, others argue that they serve as a valuable tool for maintaining focus and productivity. I think they are a helpful tool and a distraction depending how they are used. Using headphones can help students block out distractions and focus on their respected work. This is really beneficial for people who have a hard time focusing in noisy environments or students who have ADHD. 

One of the primary concerns about allowing headphones in class is that students who use them might not be paying attention to the lesson. Many teachers believe that students who wear headphones are disengaging from the learning process and are instead focused on their headphones. Which is completely understandable for teachers. It is hard teaching students if they are not paying attention or not even looking up from their phones. I think it is really hard for teachers especially. 

There are also arguments against headphones in class, believing students who use them in class are not paying attention. While it is understandable that teachers may worry that students with headphones in class are not paying attention This concern is understandable for teachers because you do not want the students not paying attention to the teacher.  

A few senior students shared their opinion on the headphones in class, including Pharis Walusimbi. “Headphones help certain students to get work done and to space out the noise,” he said.

Gavin Schultz said, “I like using headphones during group projects because they help me tune out background noise and focus on my task.”

I agree with both Walusimbi and Schultz because I also use headphones, particularly during independent work, which aligns with their arguments for enhancing focus and productivity. 

Now, the headphone situation in school is like trying to solve a complex puzzle. They can be a powerful ally in your battle against distractions, but it is all about using them wisely. If you are in your own world while the teacher is trying to teach, it is not the wisest thing to do. It is all about keeping that balance between staying focused and showing respect to your teachers and the classroom.

Teachers deserve your attention when it is needed and desired, also it is a reflection of your actions and grade in the classroom. At the end of the day it is up to the teacher to decide, so respect their decision.

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