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Opinion: No blind eye to climate change

Opinion: No blind eye to climate change

Leylah Moreno, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

In the Arctic, the sea ice recedes into the land, melting, with temperatures on the rise. In the Amazon, deforestation threatens millions of species by cutting down their habitats. In the Pacific Ocean,...

Working towards elective credit, students throughout MCHS adhere to Common Core standards.

Opinion: Common Core doesn’t set students up for success

Madison Harvey, Staff Writer December 27, 2020

A student sits in her school counselor’s office. She is planning out next year’s schedule, and sighs after her counselor shares the upsetting news. There’s no time for her to do homework after school...

Opinion: MCHS needs to implement ASL classes

Opinion: MCHS needs to implement ASL classes

Mackenzie Sroka, Staff Writer December 23, 2020

Imagine there’s a member of your family who is deaf or hard of hearing. You watch them at every family gathering, rarely talking to anyone because no one in your family knows American Sign Language (ASL)....

Recently discovered primates critically endangered

Recently discovered primates critically endangered

Leylah Moreno, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

Scientists have discovered a new primate species in Myanmar that is already critically endangered, with only 200-260 remaining. Researchers have offered a plan on rehabilitating and saving these monkeys. Scientists...

As the pandemic ran through the nation, airlines found it necessary to adapt.

Air travel precautions during COVID-19

Mackenzie Sroka, Staff Writer December 11, 2020

Traveling on airplanes during COVID-19 involves many safety precautions. Airlines and airports installed safety precautions in order to keep their passengers as safe as possible. Before traveling to...

Posing next to her recruiter, senior Brooke Langfeld had to be recruited in a much different way because of COVID-19.

Changes in recruitment

Brooke Langfeld, Staff Writer December 11, 2020

COVID-19 has affected military protocol in many different ways and military recruiting is no different. During the COVID-19 pandemic, military recruiters had to change their recruiting style from in-person...

Sum elbow grease

Leylah Moreno, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

Math teacher Mr. Dan Carr stood at the front of the classroom in McHenry Community High School, gazing into the faces of his new students. His palms were sweating as he introduced himself, and his stomach...

Singing safety

Brianna May, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

McHenry Community High School Choir teacher, Derek Galvicius, walks into the auditorium to greet his students as they walk in. They come in with their masks and music in-hand ready to sing and be safe...

Talking with students during office hours, Erbach translates his personality into every day on the job teaching.

Picking up passions

Mackenzie Sroka, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

It is the beginning of the school year at McHenry West High School, and Mr. Dane Erbach sees that some of his students from the year before are in his Newspaper class. He is excited to see this because...

A hands-on view of teaching

TJ Haws, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

Teaching a high school class can be difficult, but teaching a high school engineering class can be even harder, considering how hands-on of a class that it is. McHenry Community High School engineering...

Prepping for remote learning, Rockweiler translates her teaching style to the virtual world.

Changing teaching technique

Brooke Langfeld, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

One morning, sitting behind her desk in room 338, Mrs. Stacy Rockweiler is watching her computer screen as her English students take their unit three test. Adapting to her new teaching style, Rockweiler...

Even though she teaches biology, Nagel finds time for her passions outside of the classroom as well.

Beyond biology

Madisyn Spencer, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

Within a classroom full of life and wonder sits Mrs. Ashley Nagel, returning for her second year as a biology teacher at McHenry High School West Campus. Nagel’s happiest moments are knowing she helped...

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