Transforming into something new

Hagerty expresses the transformation of MCHS and how the energy and passion has improved throughout the building over the years


Braydon Huffar

Mr. Ray Hagerty spots senior Nathaniel Wirch during Zero Hour Strength class.

Maddi Friedle, Contributing Writer

As Mr. Ray Hagerty explores the halls of McHenry Community High School almost 18 years after he went there, he notices the bright blue colored walls and the sound of music echoing throughout the halls. He walks swiftly through the building reflecting on his past experience with MCHS and how the passion throughout the school has changed from when he was a teenager.While Hagerty had amazing friends and teachers, the energy within West Campus was much different than it is now. Since Hagerty was a student, the energy and passion within MCHS has changed drastically for both students and teachers.

Hagerty says that the school has improved in getting students ready for college or any career after high school because of the emphasis on postsecondary plans. “I never got enough into the academic part of my high school career… I do know now they are very driven for college and career goals”, he explains. Although Hagerty never focused on his academic career, he notices the many opportunities available at MCHS. “There is so much opportunity for whatever you want to go into, I don’t remember that when I was here”.

Hagerty explains how career pathways and programs at MCHS have changed overtime regarding the students and their passions. “There are all of these different programs that are designed around [students] and I don’t think they had that kind of environment when I was here,” he explains. Even though MCHS has always wanted what is best for their students, the programs within MCHS have improved a lot, according to Hagerty. Unlike back then, MCHS has a variety of clubs and activities that fit anyone’s needs or interests. “We had programs like Metals or Woods but it’s a much better program now.”

Over the course of twenty years a school is bound to change. “There are so many differences in the school, but the building itself is particularly different. When I went to school here, the lunchroom and gym were not here,” he explains. Some of the recent changes at MCHS include the switch between the Freshman Campus and Upper Campus, the new addition, as well as the emphasis on career pathways. All of these changes have had impacts on both the students and the teachers that lead to a more improved learning environment for all.

The school has changed throughout time in many different ways, but one of the biggest impacts within the school is the teachers and their experience with learning. Hagerty notices the difference in energy and passion throughout the school compared to when he went there. He feels the learning environment has developed into a more passionate experience for all. School is more than just a grade; it’s about the opportunities students experience.