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The McHenry Messenger

McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker (7) walks to the practice field during training camp on July 29, 2023, in St. Joseph, Missouri.


Rose Wenckebach, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

A female student is graduating from Benedictine College. She walks into the gym and cannot wait to receive her diploma. As she sits down getting ready to listen to a speech that was supposed to be inspirational,...

With Freshman Campus turning 100 next year, students start to speculate what could lurk after hours.

Haunted tales of Freshman Campus

Paulina Borowski May 16, 2024

Built in 1925, known at the time as East Campus, Freshman Campus as an old building is shrouded in mystery of the pressing question; is the school haunted? Reports of supposed hauntings spark curiosity...

MCHS is moving from Skyward and Partners4Results to Powerschool for the 2024-2025 school year. The program promises to work better with Schoology than other apps.


Ethan Rasmussen, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

MCHS will be replacing current student databases Skyward and Partners for Results (P4R), in favor of Sowerschool, the same company that owns schoology, a technology used for grades, assignments, and tests...

Warrior Student Media held its second annual Ghost Hunt at the Freshman Campus, a nearly 100-year-old building rumored to have paranormal activity.

School spirit

Leylah Moreno, Artistic Director May 14, 2024

Shaking like leaves, a group of students clutch their friends closer in fear as the beams of their flashlights sweep across the dark and desolate halls of the Freshman Campus. A cold draft breezed through,...

Two MCHS culinary students competed in a Chop Challenge, both winning for our school for the second year in a row

Chopping up the competition

Lola Cassidy, Online managing editor May 13, 2024

The clock ticks as time is almost up. A McHenry student and her partner finish plating their meals right as time is called. As she takes a step back, she breathes a sigh of relief as she looks at her plates...

Students may be stressed with the amount of AP exams in the coming weeks, a long with finals.

The AP stress exam

Michalina Sotka, Print managing editors May 13, 2024

A student walks into school, dreading her AP exam later in the day. She spends any free waking moment that she finds cramming for it. She studies and studies, binging YouTube review sessions and filling...

This past Friday, the Lil Warriors preschool lab students graduated in the Upper Camus Library.

Future students

Lily Adams, Features Editor May 13, 2024

A preschool student stands up at their graduation. She received her diploma with a big smile on their face. Looking around she sees her family and her teachers clapping and cheering for her. This is a...

On May 3, MCHS hosted senior decision day to celebrate seniors plan for after high school

The next step

Mackenzie Sroka, Editor In Chief May 9, 2024

Every MCHS student sits in the main gym lining the bleachers and the floor is filled with seniors celebrating their next step. The counselors list off every seniors' name that has decided what their next...

Some senior members of the Messenger staff are new to Newspaper this year - even this semester. Others have been writing for the Messenger for four years. All of them have helped tell the story of the MCHS that readers will appreciate for years to come.

The Messenger Class Of 2024

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 9, 2024

Four years ago, “Tiger King” was Netflix's biggest product, The Weeknd released “After Hours,” Donald Trump was still President, murder hornets invaded the U.S. and in the midst of a world pandemic,...

A lot of seniors graduate early without much fanfare, but they have already started their lives after high school by enrolling at college or starting their careers.

Hanging up the backpack

Lily Adams, Feature Editor May 8, 2024

Early graduate Sam Bodden walks across the stage at graduation. The sun shines on her cap as she receives her diploma. Not only did she work hard to get here, she worked hard enough to graduate early....

When the new FAFSA was released in October, it was supposed to make recieving federal student aid easier. Instead, this year’s FAFSA has made applying for and deciding on college even more stressful for seniors.

Waiting on the next step

Mackenzie Sroka and Lola Cassidy May 7, 2024

A senior walks into the college and career center stressed about how they do not know where they will be going to school in the fall. She is greeted by Curtis Menke, the college and career counselor at...

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way people complete their work or conduct research. Though many worry about its application in the classroom, many students and teachers have found a way to use it that encourages thinking rather than replacing it.


Olivia Smith, Social Media Manager April 30, 2024

As children, people often fantasize about what it would be like to possess super powers. Flying, lifting heavy objects, or writing a report on a book you have never read are a few examples. In 2024 however,...

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