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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

Students can only ride their assigned buses, but this does not fit for every student and every situation.

Opinion | Students should be able to ride their friend’s buses

Olivia Smith, Social Media Manager May 23, 2024

Imagine that your friend tells you that they don’t wanna go home today due to their parents fighting. You want to help, so you invite them over to your house after school. You decide to bring them on...

Students would have to wak up as early as 5 am to get their day started.

Opinion | The start time for MCHS should be pushed back

Olivia Smith, Social Media Manager May 21, 2024

The average start time for public high schools was 8 a.m. during the 2017-2018 school year, according to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics published in 2020, the latest year for...

Landmark Elementary School demolition was discussed in April and May school board meetings. Though parents have made their case to the board, the fate of Landmark is still up in the air.

Opinion | Landmark Elementary School should not be demolished

Afton Ingraffia, Freshman Contributer May 21, 2024

Not too long ago, cars drove by Landmark Elementary School instead of the passengers smiling, they now sigh. The bricks perfectly reflecting sunlight brought back memories of attending the school students...

Between fees, parking passes and “senior experiences,” it costs a lot of money to be a senior. While some expenses are easy for some to cover, they can make senior year much more stressful and less fun for others.

Opinion | Being a senior is expensive

Leylah Moreno, Artistic Director May 8, 2024

A student waits excitedly as the final days of their senior year of high school dwindle down and their peers eagerly discuss the ins and outs of their post-graduation plans. The student realizes that the...

Though seniors started their high school experiences learning remotely during the Covid pandemic, a difficult and uncertain period for many, some of the lessons they learned have helped made them better learners — and helped prepare them into better adults.

Opinion | Senior ‘Zoomers’ survived uncertain years

Paulina Borowski, Marketing Director May 6, 2024

All schools were shut down in the midst of COVID-19. An eighth grader who barely got a graduation is expected to start their high school career, just not the way they would have imagined. Instead of bustling...

People gather for a memorial and vigil for Nex Benedict, the Oklahoma teenager who died following a fight in a high school bathroom on Feb. 26, 2024, in New York City. | Photo by:

Opinion | Bullying bounds minds

Alexis Januk, Staff Writer April 23, 2024

A child spends 12 years of their life at school minimum. Schools are supposed to be a haven for creativity and learning, but kids can be cruel. Adults can be even crueler when allowing it. Precautions...

Students must have a stamp from the Main Office on their Prom permission slip form confirming that they meet the requirements and are permitted to attend Prom.

Opinion | Requirements make prom memorable for wrong reasons

Lydia Lawrence, Opinions Editor April 22, 2024

An MCHS student dismisses the idea of going to prom after learning the current requirements set in place for the 2024 year, only to hear from a friend a week before tickets are due that attendance and...

The Miss McHenry Pageant is a community tradition that provides scholarships for young women in McHenry. However, some believe that the pageant is not inclusive.

Opinion | Miss McHenry misses the mark

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 11, 2024

After four years of hiatus, the Miss McHenry scholarship pageant has returned to the community with the goal of being more inclusive than ever. Its rules and requirements, however, leave many feeling left...

Editorial Cartoon: Under pressure

Editorial Cartoon: Under pressure

Claire Crockett, Contributing Illustrator March 14, 2024

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump speaks during a Get Out the Vote Rally March 2, 2024, in Richmond, Virginia.

Opinion | Trump should not run for president again 

Lola Cassidy, Online Managing Editor March 6, 2024

An eighteen year old high school student excitedly prepares to vote in his first election. But, when he starts to look into his options, trying to be informed, he sees that one of the top candidates is...

The 2022 varsity boys baseball team earned a police escort through town and a special celebration after playing in the championship game, but not all winning teams at MCHS have been celebrated the same way.

Opinion | Sports inequity is deeper than a state sendoff

Ethan Rasmussen, Staff Writer February 23, 2024

Many students at MCHS can agree about specific sport biases that have been a common theme for years. Whether it is Tennis, Volleyball, or Bowling, oftentimes certain MCHS sports are underappreciated and...

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