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Students and teachers at MCHS must first complete their Flex Certification before partaking in blended learning.

Opinion | Blended is beneficial

Michalina Sotka, Print Managing Editor November 30, 2023

A student walks into their math class, excited because it is now labeled as "blended." They expect that they will be able to set their own pace in the class, making it easier for them to learn. They know...

Though many teachers think that headphone distract students, many students benefit from having music playing in their ears, especially students whose brains have a hard time focusing.

Opinion | Headphones are beyond helpful for students

Mackellagn Parker, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

In 2023, it has become a common sight to see students at school, including myself, wearing headphones as part of their everyday routine. While the use of headphones in the classroom has generated mixed...

Palestinians walk past the remains of buildings destroyed by Israeli airstrikes, on Oct. 16, 2023, in Palestinian Territories, Khan Yunis. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flee to the south of the Gaza Strip to avoid an expected Israeli ground invasion, essential supplies are running out, according to UNÂ workers.

Opinion | With Israel and Hamas, it’s too late to save face

Lydia Lawrence, Opinion Editor November 8, 2023

Israel has been a United States’s ally in the Middle East since their established diplomatic relationship in the 1940's. From helping set an example, to amassing major funding from foreign trade, America...

At the Upper Campus, when the clock hits 1:46 on Wednesdays, students get to leave early. However, the schedule has drawbacks.

Opinion | Early release Wednesdays prevent students from getting work done

Lola Cassidy, Online Managing Editor November 7, 2023

For some students early release Wednesdays are the best part of the week, but for others, it is the dreaded day with no AIM and less time to get the much needed help from teachers. With no AIM, there is...

Students must fill out a drop form and have it approved by a division chair before they drop an AP class, but there arent many honors options for upperclassmen looking for non-AP options.

Opinion | MCHS needs to offer more honors classes to upperclassmen

Hunter Blake, Sports Editor October 18, 2023

A MCHS student sits at their computer frustrated on how to complete their homework for one of their AP classes. He is confused about the specific method he was taught by his teacher on how to answer the...

A stack of AP World History books represents the amount of work required of students in Advanced Placement classes. But just because the class is difficult doesnt mean it isnt worth the work.

Opinion | AP classes are worth it

Michalina Sotka, Staff Writer October 18, 2023

A student walks into her AP class, not looking forward to all the hard work she might have to do. Despite this, she tries to remember the potential for getting the class out of the way in high school instead...

Football players wait for the float to leave before last year’s Homecoming parade on Oct. 2, 2022 at the Freshman Campus. Each year, school spirit seems to get bigger and bigger during Homecoming because the organizations leading it put students first.

Opinion: Let’s make this house a Homecoming

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 25, 2023

I started this article as a critique of Homecoming at MCHS‭. ‬ I wanted to argue that Homecoming did not have enough student involvement‭, ‬and that the thoughts of the general student body...

Blended learning is supposed to empower students to work at the pace and place that best suits them. So why is MCHS denying the flexibility that some students need to thrive?

Opinion: MCHS should allow off-campus blending

Leylah Moreno, Artistic Director September 21, 2023

In previous years‭, ‬students who met requirements were allowed to leave the classroom and even school property during the period‭ ‬on designated blending days‭. ‬However‭, ‬it has now...

All grade levels have to study for second semester finals, while seniors that have met the requirements have not had to take their finals.

Opinion: All grade levels should have the option for final exemptions

Hunter Blake, Staff Writer May 24, 2023

A student who performed well in a class all semester and has the grade they wanted right before finals. Then they took the final and didn’t perform well, so their grade dropped to the next lowest grade....

Even before COVID, fewer people were enjoying movies in theaters. But almost nothing can replace the experience of seeing a movie in seats with a larger-than-life screen.

Opinion: Bring back movie theaters

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor May 19, 2023

Since the pandemic in 2020 movie rollouts have changed significantly. From theatrical releases to home video, the difference in the way a movie is released highly affects the hype and success of the movie.  One...

For years, MCHS has asked students to pay fees in order to enjoy privileged like prom and graduation. But withholding prom denies students a chance to enjoy of the biggest highlights of the school year over something that might not be their fault.

Opinion: Paying fees should not be a prom requirement

Ruth Luqueno, Contributing Writer May 18, 2023

Seniors regularly have to juggle their student life and after-school jobs daily, not to mention everything else they have going on in their personal lives. With everything going on in a student's life,...

Apps like ChatGPT and other AI services let technology do their thinking for them. If the purpose of school is to learn new skills, are apps like ChatGPT obstructing that goal?

Opinion: AI is harmful to education

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor May 16, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic throughout the 2023 school year, with students gaining access to apps and websites such as ChatGPT which can provide them with pre-written essays only one click...

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