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Freshmen can submit their writing assignments to Paper or get feedback from a trained tutor in any of their core classes. So why dont all upperclassmen get this oportunity as well?

Opinion: Upper Campus should have Paper too

Eli Frommes, Contributing Writer December 6, 2021

A junior student struggles on a math assignment. His freshman sister has access to the Paper tutoring app, so she says, “Hey, just use Paper.” The Upper Campus student says, “What's Paper?” so...

There are many reasons why it is good for parents to have access to their students grades and progress. But watching too closely doesnt provide students with opportunities to learn from their mistakes before consequences are handed down.

Opinion: Daily grade reminders to parents cause unnecessary stress

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Manager November 23, 2021

A student comes home from a long day of school, consisting of several quizzes. She feels she did poorly on one quiz, but knows she can fix it with corrections the next day. She decides to wait to tell...

There are few topics more polarizing in the U.S. than abortion rights. With the Supreme Court set to weigh in on abortion bans in Texas and Georgia, more activists of all ages have stepped up to fight the law.

Opinion: Texas’s sexist abortion ban is also ineffective

Ella Trimingham, Copy Editor November 19, 2021

A woman sits in her doctor's office waiting to hear the news. “You’re pregnant.” her doctor says. She immediately goes into a panic knowing her life is now at risk, and she can do nothing about it.  The...

Bathrooms at the Upper Campus have been closed on and off due to vandalism, but this isnt the only place in on campus — and in the community — where vandalism has become a problem.

Opinion: Vandalism has become its own pandemic

Kyla Henige, News Editor November 19, 2021

Recently, there have been multiple cases of vandalism around McHenry by immature students giving MCHS a bad rep. A majority of it is coming from the schools, but it is also being done in businesses and...

Social media has made speaking one’s mind easier than ever. But to make a real difference, activists must do more than retweet, post, or rant on their favorite social media platform.

Opinion: Social media activism is not enough

Vanessa Moreno, Staff Writer November 11, 2021

When any fatal shooting or tragic natural disaster happens, many turn to social media to share their opinion and spread awareness. They believe that liking and resharing infographics or pictures is a sustainable...

Because East and West Campus upperclassmen all attend the Upper Campus, students no longer need to travel between campuses to attend certain classes. But space during passing periods and lunches are more limited than ever — even with a new extension and open lunch.

Opinion: Clear the way

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor November 11, 2021

A student leaves the lunchroom to get ready to go to their next period, however as they leave they run into a crowd of students waiting to storm up the stairs. As the bell rings the hallways and stairs...

MCHS has a history with protesting the dress code, and administration has made adjustments to the policy in response to these complaints. So why is the dress code still such a controversy at our school?

Point-counterpoint: Dress-coded

October 28, 2021

  This fall, students at both campuses have protested the school's dress code — and it isn't the first time that MCHS's policy has been under scrutiny by students. In fact, five years ago, MCHS students...

Over the years, finals have only caused more stress — and damaged final grades that students worked so hard for. Thankfully, MCHS cancelled this years final — but will they eliminate them for good?

Opinion: The final straw

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor May 21, 2021

After a hard year of work, the last week of school should be for students to relax and enjoy the end of the year. However, the reality for most students will be cramming information late into the night...

Weight gain over quarantine should be something that is celebrated rather than shamed because everyone needs to be a little nicer to themselves during such a rough and confusing time in the world.

Opinion: The quarantine 15

Ciara Duncan, Features Editor May 19, 2021

The human body naturally reacts to the environment it’s in. When we’re relaxed, our muscles untighten, our breathing slows, and we emotionally feel like we can take on the world. When we’re stressed,...

Before the pandemic, wearing a mask when you are sick was already normal in many countries, especially in Asia. As mask restrictions ease up for vaccinated people, its time to make mask wearing normal in the United States as well.

Editorial: Normalize masks

Editorial Board May 18, 2021

Everyone gets sick at one point or another. But, not everyone can deal with it the same way. In East Asia, when a person gets sick, they take care of themselves and cover their mouth and nose with a mask...

The 2020-21 school year will forever be remembered for remote learning, wearing masks to school, and dramatic changes to school traditions, such as dances and athletic events. But this school year provided more memories to students than they might think — for better or worse.

Opinion: The silver lining of a weird year

Kiera Loewe, Social Media Director May 13, 2021

Zoom calls during senior year — it’s not quite the last year of high school that so many MCHS students dreamed of. However, most students are now back in the building to catch the end-of-the-year events...

For two years, newspaper photographers have used the corner of in room 233 at West Campus, with its broken ring light and rickety backdrop, to take portraits for the McHenry Messenger. This year’s seniors will be the last to crete the newspaper in this space.

Saying goodbye

Senior Staff May 10, 2021

The Class of 2021 of MCHS have conquered the unexpected, and the senior staff of the McHenry Messenger has had the responsibility of covering it all. Through interviewing, photographing, illustrating,...

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