Review: ‘Security Breach’ still needs work

Steel Wool Studios’ delayed release of the new Five Nights at Freddy’s leaves no room for excuses as to why there are still glitches and plot holes


Steel Whool Studios

Five Nights At Freddy’s has finally released a new game after four years and though it’s beautiful, it’s not living up to expectations.

Bee Myers, Staff Writer

It’s Dec. 15 and many count down the seconds until midnight to download the newest Five Nights at Freddy’s game that everyone’s been raving about. They finally download it and eagerly begin to play, however, they are quickly disappointed by the broken game mechanics and the empty storyline.

“Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach” has been long-awaited by gamers and FNAF fans alike — but when it finally got released after two delays, the game ended up nothing like its trailers. It had an entirely different ambiance than the actual game, and has been said that a big chunk of the storyline was cut out due to the deadline set. Due to this, just days after its release fans were buzzing on social media about all the flaws they noticed instead of praising it even after many of them had been eagerly waiting for the game release.

After watching a few gameplays and talking with other fans of this game, there’s no choice but to agree with them saying that it is very disappointing. Especially considering the amount of time it took to finally come out. 

Not only are there many plot holes and problems presented throughout the game with no resolution or callback, but the trailers also presented a new character, Vanny, as a very big part of the game, even seemingly as the main antagonist, but she was no such thing in the final product. She was barely seen, and only had a major part in two of the many alternate endings. This was one of the players main concerns as she is the face of the new game as “the bad guy.” 

With there being various possible endings, and many possibilities where Steel Wood Studios could have gone with them, it seems as though Steel Wood Studios got lazy. They were all presented as a comic strip instead of the higher-quality graphics the player would grow used to the whole rest of the game. This change in layout seems out of place within the high quality graphics of the rest of the game.

This was due to the time constraint, which is where most of the problems start. Not only were they comic-style, they were also unsatisfying conclusions to the complex story that was built up. Most of them were similar in a way where the main character that you play as, Gregory, ends up on a hill and depending on which ending you got varied in who he was there with. Some fans on the official Reddit page for Security Breach are saying that these alternate endings “ruined the game for them” and that they were “disappointed by it.” 

Due to the game getting some storyline cut out, it does feel a bit disconnected in a way that makes it  feel like it was meant to be a totally different game. This is just what they could muster up in time. This has definitely made the quality of gameplay lower than it was hyped up to be compared to its trailers and the initial excitement set by the creator of the whole franchise, Scott Cawthon, on Reddit.

Although people are arguing that because Steel Wood Studios is a small group of people making this big, high-quality game it doesn’t feel fair to say it’s not a good enough game. They also say the reason they had to rush the deadline was because fans got extremely impatient, and that’s why there’s so many problems, however the trailers and such still feel misleading to what the actual game ended up being. They created a new antagonist and barely featured her in the game even though she was supposedly supposed to be a big part of the plot. All of this because they ran out of time. 

The glitches and bugs are understandable with it being a new game, it’s to be expected, but it’s the actual mechanics that make the game annoying to play or watch at times. Along with a feature that won’t allow you to save after six am. The endings barely have anything to do with the intricate context that had been displayed through all the other Five Nights At Freddy’s Games. The ‘lore’ (context) is something that all Five Nights At Freddy’s fans look forward to. 

Steel Wood Studios’ “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” would’ve been a better game if the lore was more present and if the trailers were more accurate to the final product. When playing this game, it is advised to take the hype and excitement for it with a grain of salt.