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Review | Not just a fun movie

The new “Trolls” movie does an excellent job at teaching widely applicable life lessons
“Trolls Band Together,” the third movie in the Trolls franchise, was released on Nov. 17, 2023. The animated movie is a family comedy that follows main characters Poppy and Branch, voiced by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, as they embark on a perilous rescue mission.

Usually kids movies tend to really only appeal to kids, attempting to teach cheesy lessons that would not apply to audiences past the age of 10. “Trolls 3: Band Together” manages to teach many valuable lessons that can apply to all ages, all while being entertaining, unpredictable and comedic. 

This movie takes place when it is revealed that Branch used to be in a boy band with his four brothers: “Brozone.” The band has broken up, and Branch has not had contact with his brothers ever since. After he finds out that his favorite brother Floyd has been kidnapped by fraudulent pop star wannabes, he goes on a mission to reunite the band and rescue Floyd. 

Branch is not the only protagonist in this story though, Poppy too has lessons to learn. She goes along with Branch and his brothers, finding her long-lost sister Viva along the way. Viva was not able to make it out of the original Bergen attacks, making a sanctuary out of an old golf course. It may seem good on paper, but Viva is so worried for everyone’s safety that she attempts to keep everyone within the walls of the put-put. This almost prevents Poppy and Branch from leaving, since they were almost trapped. 

Throughout it all, Floyd is rescued and everyone is reunited in the end, with Viva finally leaving her fortress and the brothers back together forever, everyone finds their place with their families. The road may have been bumpy with many lessons for all the characters to learn, but it was worthwhile in the end. 

This movie teaches kids many valuable lessons, like rushing to grow up is not healthy, communicating feelings helps a ton, there is a difference between showing leadership and being bossy, and much more. This movie does a great job of showing these lessons, without seeming like that is the only purpose. Overall, “Trolls 3” does what it is supposed to do well, all while being an unpredictable and comedic movie. 

One of the lessons, “Do not rush yourself into growing up,” is shown through Tiny Diamond’s life, as he is literally confirmed to be one month old and attempting to drive a huge armadillo. Tiny does his best to be an adult, even acquiring his learners permit and trying to help the ‘adults’ in any way he can. He does this by sneaking onto Poppy and Branch’s mission to find Floyd.

Another lesson, “Communicating your feelings is healthier than bottling them up,” is shown through Branch’s character. Branch has gone all his life having to take care of himself, forced to put his emotions in the backseat. This has caused him to bottle up his feelings, and it may seem like it is inevitable that he explodes at some point, and he does. He leaves the journey to save Floyd at one point, but gets back on track after he talks about how he feels with Poppy, and then realizes that he acted irrationally on his emotions. 

Branch’s oldest brother, John Dory, learns that there is a difference between being a leader and being bossy. At first, John Dory does his best to lead the brothers, but his bossiness ends up being one of the factors in the band’s breakup. After he realizes this with the help of his brothers, he does his best to be a good leader, eventually leading the group to save Floyd and expose the fraudulent pop stars. 

Throughout the whole movie, families who watch will not get bored due to the appealing unpredictability of the film. Along the way, they may also learn valuable life lessons.

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