Behind the pass

Hodges makes the Dean’s Office function behind the scenes


Vanessa Schroeder, Contributing Writer

As Mrs. Nicole Hodges leans towards a new adventure that was not in her plan at McHenry Upper Campus, she finds to love it. She learns that in all of her career choices she finds that this is the best one for her. She is the Administrative Deans Assistant.  Hodges makes it to her desk right on time and is there whenever someone needs her. While Hodges was not put in this position she learned that this was the best decision for her.

Originally put into the special education department, Hodges was moved to the front office where she found a new passion. Hodges states, “My job in the Special Ed Department was moved so I got put [deans assistant]”. Although she thoroughly enjoyed working in the Special Ed Department, she soon found that this new job was perfect for what she needed on a daily basis, to keep busy and work hard with a loving environment. She stated “I love my job, i like it, I can’t think of anything i would change”.

Once Hodges was placed in her newfound position she had to find a way to navigate all the new kids coming into her office. She explained “I just like to get to know the students”. Finding new ways to navigate the ways she can help the students coming down to the Dean’s Office. As everyday is something new and exciting, Hodges always keeps pushing for what is to come. “Once you get to know [students] you realize that there is a lot more going on.”

Something that people do not see about Hodges is that she is always ready for something to come her way. Any obstacle to any student in need. Mrs Agnello, the Dean of Students delivered  “her role is so far beyond what she actually does”. Hodges has made an impact, not only on her fellow colleges but even the students as well. As senior Jazmin Gonzalez stated, “She tries her best to comfort her students”. With such a big impact on everyone that she meets it is very welcoming to see that. 

Although working in a high school isn’t easy, Mrs Hodges makes it look like it is. Even if her plan was something else, Hodges is set in stone that this is where she needs to be. Even though Mrs Hodges only works in the main office she is still able to have meaningful connections with the students.