Elle Smith

Four years ago I woke up at 5 a.m. for my freshman orientation just so I would have time to curl my hair. Little did I know, that would be the last time I woke up before 7:15 for school — and there would be many uncomfortable rides in my mom’s car, her still in her nightgown, angry and grumbling that I missed the bus. 

Not to be a sap, but we all talk about how much we hate math class, or getting up early, but as someone whose graduation is coming up a lot faster than I feel ready for, I urge underclassmen to make the best of those moments. I assure you, one day you’ll miss them.

If the people at MCHS have taught me anything, it is that, even on my worst days in this building, I was always surrounded by people who cared about me. The same is true for all of students at MCHS. 

My advice: Don’t let grades stress you out to the point of exhaustion, an assignment or two is never worth a broken heart, but also don’t be a huge procrastinator like I was, it only makes things more draining. 

And most importantly: put yourself first, and don’t put up with anyone who doesn’t let you be who you are.