Groovy Movies has been a staple of the McHenry Messenger for years. In this final installment, editor Kennedy Tetour has created the definitive list of movies and shows for the Class of 2023

Groovy Movies: The final film fest

As this school year comes to an end, so does the iconic Messenger column Groovy Movies. Here are the Class of 2023’s top picks for the best childhood movies.

Movies are some of the most memorable, enjoyable and easy to understand parts of life. They offer comfort in times of uncertainty, but can also bring back fond memories of simpler times. 

This is especially true for Gen Z. Our eyes have been glued to screens from a very young age, particularly the plasma screens that brought us the joys of “Dora the Explorer” or “Blue’s Clues.” 

Since I am a senior this year, I wanted to create a bold conclusion to Groovy Movies, the column that has defined my high school career and my time with the McHenry Messenger. In order to capture the nostalgia of my entire grade, and to create a truly fitting end to my career here at the Messenger, we have collected the class of 2023’s favorite childhood movies.

Disney Pixar Animation
Disney Channel Original Movies
Live Action