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A long, confusing mess, “Old” was a disaster of a film that needed more substance and less suspense to save the project.


“Old” was released in early 2022, but I never got around to watching it until this summer. Honestly I hadn’t heard very good things about this movie, and I have to say that most of those criticisms were true. 

“Old” is a completely unclear and hard to follow mess. The plot is barely introduced properly, and even after the nearly two hour run time was up, I still felt completely lost. I had low expectations going into it and those couldn’t even be met by the boring writing and direction that makes up “Old” 

I watched this movie one and a half times and I genuinely thing that I received exactly as much information as what was given in the trailer. I think that was supposed to be the point of the movie, but it comes off in such a disappointing way that it just feels wrong. I wish this film had a lot more substance, or at least a more satisfying explanation for the shenanigans that occurred on that beach. I feel as though I watched this group of people endure trauma for no reason, which is plainly no fun. 

As much as I hated “Old,” it could still make a great movie to make fun of with friends. Maybe this film could be turned into a more enjoyable experience if it’s watched with people who can help to fill in the gaps that the writers left empty.