2018-2019 Staff

Madison Loewe

Editor, Reporter, & Staff Photographer

Madison Loewe is a junior, recently has taken on the job of staff photographer, as well as an editor for The Messenger. She is a very driven student and is pursuing her dream in business management in hopes of one day running...

Andrew Garrity

Editor & Staff Reporter

Andrew Garrity is a senior at McHenry East Campus, who is a staff writer and editor for The Messenger. He is a part of the local rap collective Eastwood, which he plans to pursue in his future, along with a degree in computer...

Meier Glab

Editor & Staff Reporter

Meier is a Senior at McHenry East Campus High School. He is a part writer and part graphic designer for the McHenry Messenger newspaper. He bowled varsity for his school bowling team last year and plays guitar with his friends...

Elle Smith

Editor & Staff Reporter

Elle Smith is a sophomore at McHenry West High School. She is the goalie for the girls varsity lacrosse team, and spends most of her time at practice, or working at her job at Culver's. She loves spending time with her friends,...

Sydney Murrin

Editor & Staff Reporter

Sydney Murrin is a sophomore at West Campus and is in her second year of journalism. She is a reporter, editor, and updates the sports scores for The Messenger. She is passionate about her writing and enjoys writing all types...

Gianna Matassa

Editor & Staff Reporter

Gianna Matassa is a senior at West Campus, in her second year of journalism, and is currently residing as an editor and staff reporter. Gianna is a very driven student who will be pursuing her dreams of becoming a journalist as...

Keefer Roman

Graphic Designer & Staff Reporter

Keefer Roman is a Senior at McHenry West Campus has taken on the role as a reporter, editor, and graphic designer for The McHenry Messenger. In the future, Keefer is looking forward to going to college and owning his own business.

Zachary Krzyzak

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Zach is a first-year journalism student who has been on the varsity wrestling team at McHenry for the past four years. Zach will be leaving to join the Marines after he graduates in June.

Julia Zarnstorff

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Julia Zarnstorff is a senior at West Campus. Julia joined The Messenger because she might be interested in a career in journalism, and is glad to be a part of the newspaper staff for her last semester of high school. In her free...

Naomi Castillo

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Naomi Castillo is a first-year member of The McHenry Messenger. She loves writing, watching DC-related TV shows, reading weird fanfic, and is a lover of coffee.

Delaney Kiernan

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Delaney Kiernan is a Mac and Cheese enthusiast who has a love for felines.

Travis Murray

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Travis Murray is a senior who likes all sorts of writing, including the news. He has participated in Drama Club and enjoys entertainment and roller coasters.

Peyton Atwater

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Peyton Atwater is a sophomore at West Campus and is in her first year of journalism. She is very passionate about sports, reading, and loves history as well.

Kyla Henige

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Kyla Henige is a freshman at West Campus. She is passionate about writing and is a crazy coffee craver who loves sports like soccer and volleyball.

Sebastian Blucher

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Sebastian is a junior at McHenry West High School. He has a dog named Max and a sister named Rachel.

Zachary Brown

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Zach is a pitcher for the McHenry baseball team, and this is his first year in journalism.

Lani Boyle

Staff Reporter - West Campus

Lani is a junior at McHenry West Campus. She plans to graduate in December of 2019. After graduation, she plans on working full-time until leaving for college down on the East Coast. In college, Lani hopes to study marine biolo...

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