The change

May 20, 2021

Though both campuses have been considered “one school” for decades, East and West Campuses have always had distinct cultures and have felt like separate schools to some. These Campus will come together led by Dr. Jeff Prickett as the Principal. 

West Campus, which will take on the new name Upper Campus, will house all upperclassmen previously from both East and West. All freshmen will be learning at East Campus, which will be called the Freshmen Campus.

To support the new addition of students, over the past couple of years, West Campus has made plenty of new additions to the school. 

The new expansion — named The Center for Science, Technology and Industry — consists of three newly added levels catering to math classes, career and technical education classes, science classes, and communication classes. These new additions will be impacting each class in plenty of ways, ultimately changing not only how students learn, but how they interact with their teachers, and each other. 

With the new expansion comes new opportunities that upperclassmen from East and West will eventually have right at their fingertips. However, since changes are being made to how things have run at MCHS for a long time, both positive and negative feelings are felt from the community.

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