Boys and girls track and field teams hit the starting blocks

With winter sports ending, the boys and girls track and field teams are up and running, hoping that working together will bring them successful seasons


Allie Everhart

Girls track team members Ali Casey and Jennifer Orozco practice at the track at McCracken Field on Mar. 14 in preparation for their first meets of the season.

Logan Vincent and Ali Casey

Boys Track and Field

A boys runner stretches in the center of the new indoor track at Lakes Community High School in Lake Villa. All around him, runners, jumpers and throwers of all ages — underclassment and upperclassmen — prepare for a meet. The runner realizes that he’s lucky to be part of such a diverse team.

The boys track and field season has just started — at least the indoor season so far. The outdoor season will be starting towards the end of March. The difference between the two is indoor track will usually be 200 meters or less and an outdoor track will usually be 400 meters. 

The indoor track can also be a disadvantage for runners running the 200 meter, 400 meter, 1600 meter, and two mile. This is due to the fact the corners are so tight and on an outdoor track the corners are not nearly as tight compared to indoor tracks. There also will be more field events once the outdoor season begins. Track meets will usually either be an invitational one or even just a regular Fox Valley Conference meet with usually 2-4 teams. 

The bond between the upperclassmen and underclassmen in track and field is very strong. This is caused by the fact that many of the upperclassmen step up to lead the underclassmen and teach them things they may have learned from experience. 

“The team bond has improved heavily this year. The best part about our team bond is that the upperclassmen attempt to lead the underclassman. And lately, a lot of underclassmen have been stepping up, improving, learning, and gaining an overall passion for track,” stated junior Rayaan Ahmed. “They are gaining a truly rare experience of gaining a competitive spirit right from the get go — it’s really really cool to see teammates having shared individual growth. And I think that is what allows our team bond  to flourish into this cooperative community based on teammate appreciation.”

The team has gained some new coaching staff through recent years, but this did not change the Warrior’s training. There are four different teams on the track and field team, the different teams consist of sprinters, distance runners, jumpers, and throwers. They do not all practice together, but they will compete as a team in meets to gain points to have the chance of winning that meet.

Senior Joe Hissem explains, “I think that both teams are confident in their own way, but this year more than other years distance is a lot more confident in their abilities. Last year was a lot of sprint confidence, but now the distance side has stepped it up.”

The coaches support the players with whatever event the athletes will choose or with the upperclassmen they try to help them with their best choice of college or another career choice. 

The coaches also record the times, the jumps and the throws. The coaches have been able to gain new meets and one of them headed to Bolingbrook on Mar. 12 for an ultra-competition indoor meet and the team got to check out Lakes’ new indoor facility.

Players coaches are very supportive and the athletes are always able to depend on them to be there for them.

The boys track and field has grown over the years and has gained more upperclassmen then years before, with a total of 8 seniors running. The track team has been getting better over the years and has been able to learn about high competition meets and even really big meets with 15+ teams.

Girls Track and Field

The girls runners wait patiently for the starter gun, the suspense filling the atmosphere. The starter yelled “set” raising his arm up as the runners followed his lead. A loud BOOM shakes the room and the runners speed off. People yell and cheer as they push themselves toward the finish line. 

The girls track and field season has officially started for the 2021-2022 season after COVID-19 complicated the past for the past two seasons. 

The girls track and field team have been showing dedication and determination toward the sport and toward their team and sport. 

“I think this season is going well so far. The past two years, there’s been a lot of restrictions because of COVID, and now this year we are able to do more,” says Daniela Hernandez, a senior runner. “This year I can see at practice how everyone puts in their best efforts. We’ve all been improving as a team and seeing this I know that we will continue to grow and improve as the season goes on.” 

Since this is the beginning of a new season, coaches need to still evaluate how athletes perform at the beginning of the indoor season, moving each athlete around and see where they fit best, and to decide who will be running each event when the outdoor season begins. 

“This year we are still a relatively young team so it will mostly likely take all of indoor season to determine who will be a part of our varsity line up come outdoor season,” says head coach Kyle Owens

Many student athletes have joined the girl’s track and field team after their winter sports ended. Not only does this make the girls track team larger, but also helps build up teamwork and dedication. 

“Our freshman and new track athletes have been making great progress so far. They are taking what they are being taught and applying it to their training and competitions,” states Owens. “Some will have an immediate impact on the varsity level and others will continue the progress and work towards that goal.” 

With the first couple of meets, the girl’s track and field  team has been doing really well. Many Athletes have been hitting their personal record or surpassing them while competing in the last couple of meets. 

“This season so far has been really exciting,” explains Kelly Hutera, a sophomore varsity sprinter. “I have loved seeing new people show up, people trying new events and seeing them improve and work hard. I am beyond happy to see everyone’s efforts paying off and I can’t wait to see how much we can achieve as it is only the beginning.” 

The girl’s track team is off to a great start, but this is only the beginning. The team plans to soar to new heights this season. Between their determination and dedication they are predicting a great season ahead.