Opinion: Early release is better than late start Tuesday

Despite late start’s perks, early release days prove more convenient


Michelene Havard

Though most students may think they miss the extra time they had before school during Late Start Tuesdays, early release days offer students so much more.

Hayley DuHamel, Staff Writer

MCHS has replaced late start Tuesdays where school would start nearly an hour later than normal every week, with early release Wednesdays every once in a while. Students had late start for years before they were replaced this year. Now that the late starts are gone, however, students’ opinions on the two different days are mixed. Though both have their pros and cons, early release pros outweigh late start’s.

Firstly, late starts messed with students’ sleep schedules. It would put a teen’s sleep schedule out of balance by allowing them to sleep in. This change negatively affected both their and their parents’ schedules, especially if the child can’t drive on their own.

Transportation to school was another issue. Kids would have to find their own form of transportation not provided by the school if they wanted to sleep in, otherwise, they would have to go to school at the usual time. This is because the bus pick up times stayed the same on late start Tuesdays. When these schedules got mixed up, it caused horrible traffic issues and many students were late for school as a result.

While early releases seem better, there are also some reasons why people believe that late starts were better. One reason is that some students miss being allowed to sleep in a little bit longer before school. To many students, late start Tuesdays gave them extra time to sleep in.

Another reason students prefer late start Tuesdays is school starting later allowed kids more time to get ready. There are many students who are not good at getting up in the morning and getting ready for school. Late starts allowed for a less stressful routine for getting ready.

Lastly, late start allowed kids extra time to work on their homework, and possibly get it done before school started. If a student is up late, but still didn’t get their homework done before bed, late start Tuesdays allowed them to get up at the normal time and use that extra time to get the rest of their homework before the beginning of school.

Though it is clear late starts have their strengths in certain aspects, early releases still shine above it by not only keeping student’s schedules consistent but also still providing extra time to get work done.