Inside the Media | Warrior Weekly 10.18.22

A Deep-Dive Into MCHS’ Media Center and how it’s helpful to students’ lives

The MCHS library or media center is a quiet place where students can go to get work done or even have a change of scenery. With many books and resources to check out as well as a lounge area, the media center is an essential place for MCHS students. 

Media Specialist Cheryl Myers explains why the media center is vital to students’ lives.  “I think the library is essential, it’s a hub I believe for the school. We have digital products there, we have written materials, we have just a lot of different things for students to use ” Students come in during their free hours or lunch periods to use the resources provided in the library, such as separate rooms. Myers explains, “We have a recording room with a green screen that students can use and also a student conference room if students have a group project and want a big space to reserve for themselves”.

Rooms can be rented by signing up for a time at the center desk. The library also provides a quiet place for students to study or catch up on their work.  Senior Lauren Curtin explains, “I tend to use the library at any point that I can, either to study, to catch up on other homework, to ask for help, and to use its resources. It really just helps me to maintain my heavier schedule this year.”

The media center can be used by students and staff for multiple purposes. Whether it’s for renting out books, rooms, or even providing a quiet place to study. The media center has all these resources available for students.