Mario Kart mayhem

The new mobile version of the classic game is great because of its legacy


“Mario Kart Tour” was released to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store on September 25. The game has been a big hit with students at East and West.

Chase Creech, Staff Writer

Mario runs, flies, jumps, and plays sports, but one of his best adaptation characteristics is irrefutably him racing against his beloved friends or enemies, while collecting his power up items to help him race to the finish line. He has gone through many different iterations from him being pixelated on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to being played on a mobile phone that is now supported by all phone services. But the new “Mario Kart Tour” is addicting, nostalgic and overall a well-balanced game that has implemented the aspects that make a mobile game phenomenal.

“Mario Kart Tour” was released on September 25, and people can’t stop raving about the game. This game showed how Nintendo is a dominant force about how all the people in different parts of the world make this cosmopolitan group of people that support this company that has appealed to all generations with Nintendo’s franchises. Some of the most memorable from Nintendo is “Super Mario Bros.,” “Pokemon,” the Wii series (such as “Wii Sports, etc.),” “Kirby,” “The Legend of Zelda,” and many more. 

“Mario Kart Tour” is just a combination of all the elements that made the series great and amusing while implementing that all into one game that you can play on your phone. That’s why I love this game, since it incorporates all the game’s best characteristics while having the ability to play it on a phon

The first released game from the Mario Kart series was “Super Mario Kart” in 1992 and made a colossal impact on the 80’s and 90’s kids that played the game. It is a one to two player game that featured the first battle mode which allowed you to race against a friend. There were more recurrences of games in the Mario Kart series that were noteworthy such as “Mario Kart 64”, which allowed you to play with four people at a time and “Mario Kart 7” because it implemented the 3DS. But, the most notable game of the whole series was “Mario Kart” for the Wii. These games had reciprocated with millennials, and left a prominent unforgettable experience.

The reason for “Mario Kart” on Wii being so renowned is that it had components that were appealing to casual and competitive gamers. With the release of the Wii, you interacted more with the controller or Wii Wheel during a game to steer. Because of this, it gave a more joyful interactive experience for the casual gamers. Another positive aspect was that they added new maps, modes, and game-play to restore elements that we loved in the past Mario Kart games. What was appealing to competitive gamers is that they had a Mario Kart channel, which you can access by hooking up to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. With this, you could be allowed to play and compete against other gamers from around the world. This would ultimately be terminated in 2014 when they got rid of Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Nevertheless, this game would become the second best selling game behind “Wii Sports” with 36 million copies sold.

As for “Mario Kart Tour,” Sensor Tower reports that the game achieved 20 million downloads within the first 24 hours of the game being released and has already approximately reached 1 million in revenue (this excludes the $5 dollar gold pass because there is a two week free trial that subscribers can use). Meanwhile, they are making strives to update the game for the best interest of the users of the game. 

So, if you are looking for a game to play at the moment on your free time, then this is the game to install, especially when they come out with the new update that allows you to play with your friends. While doing this, keep in mind the history of the game and the cohort of generations of different people that still play the game today.