MCHS psychologists make school a more positive place | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

School psychologists explain the relevance of their careers

Resources for student’s well-being are not hard to find at MCHS. Phycologists (an example of resources) give students the opportunity to have someone to talk to.

To get to know some of our psychologists, here’s Mrs. Breitenbach and Mr Born explaining what they love about their job. “I love working with students. I always let them know that they are the reason I come to work everyday. To know that even one person can help someone’s day is so important” explains Breitenbach. “When I see a student that’s been struggling for awhile succeed at something, is something I absolutely love.  For them to have a breakthrough and to know that maybe I played a small part in helping them have a better day.”

With having such a great opportunity to help out students, Mr. Born explains why it’s vital to focus on mental health. “I think if we bury problems and if we feel like we’re alone, it’ll just make matters worse. I think the more we can talk about it, the better off we are at normalizing those concerns that students and all people go through,” expresses Born. 

The psychologist’s rooms are located in the Chill Zone. If you’re interested in having a meeting, please email the psychologist corresponding to your’e grade.