School board approves new classes for 20-21 school year

During their October meeting, board members also discussed open campus in addition to approving new courses


Board meetings take place each month at the Robert O. Swartzloff Center for Educational Services.

Ciara Duncan, Staff Writer

Board members approved new courses and pathways for the next school year at the MCHS school board meeting on October 21 at the Robert O. Swartzloff Center for Educational Services.

Some of these new classes include AP Seminar, Stagecraft and Introduction to Technical to Theater, Honors Percussion, and Freshman Band. Along with this, the administration discussed a four-year class plan created for freshman year. 

At the beginning of the meeting, West PE teacher John Beerbower was recognized for receiving the Blue Ribbon Award, the Teacher of the Year award by the VFW, and others. He also represented MCHS at a luncheon in Normal, IL last summer and was thanked by the school board for doing so.

The school board and district administration also discussed the possibility of an open campus. According to the plan, seniors would be able to swipe their student ID to sign out during their lunch period, leave campus, and swipe back in before the period is over. Parental permission, regular attendance, and C and above grades would be required for seniors to participate in the open campus lunch idea. Voting on the procedure will be done at the next board meeting.

MCHS’s special education department also gave a presentation about their Bridges Program, which allows students ages 18-22 to gain vocational training, work experience, and self-soothing skills. They take yoga classes at Bliss Yoga, help out at Mainstay Farms, and learn in a house rented out by the school. This provides a more normal and comfortable environment for the adults being taught. 

The meeting ended with a variety of topics, including construction updates, the resolution of overtime payment for bus drivers, and the “fun budget” for things like Homecoming and Prom.

The next school board meeting will take place on November 18.