Review: Shazam!


Steve Wilkie

Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Shazam (Zachary LeviI) enjoy Shazam's new perks that come with being an adult.

Keefer Roman, Editor -- West Campus

Shazam! is the latest offering from the DC Comics Universe. It is based on a character that was created and published in 1939 by American publisher DC Comics Artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker. It begins with a 14-year-old named Billy Batson, who is played by Asher Angel. He is chosen to become an adult superhero called Shazam. Billy becomes a superhero by transforming from a teen to an adult superhero by shouting out the name “Shazam”.

When Billy transforms into Shazam (played by actor Zachary Levi), he does what any other teen would do, he has fun while testing out his newfound powers. However, Shazam needs to master his powers quickly before the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) gets his hands on his magical abilities.

Within the first twenty minutes of the movie, Dr. Sivana wreaks havoc for the people who did him wrong as a child, such as his father and older brother. During this time, Billy tests out his new abilities as a with his foster-brother and best friend Freddy played by Jack Dylan Graser. This part of the film is one of the most enjoyable parts due to the humor and fun portrayed in the scene.

While Billy and Freddy are testing out the new abilities, Freddy seems to become more jealous of Billy and would “kill” to have anything close to what he has obtained, but Freddy knows he doesn’t want it to get in the way of their special bond they both share. I think this ruins the moment of this scene with the humorous actions and fun that is being built up.

In my opinion, the family narrative is not perfect. The rest of Billy and Freddy’s foster family seems to simply be there to add diversity.  Most of the characters that are introduced don’t have much of a background story which causes many to not care about them as a character.

When the film starts the final fight, it just feels like it’s an ongoing thing that doesn’t stop until it wants to. It seems that they purposely dragged out the fight to have more conflict between Billy and Thaddeus that didn’t need to be there.

My overall impression of the movie is debatable. There are many fun, humorous and family-friendly aspects, but some scenes make me question why they were even put in the movie. Though it is not my favorite comic-book-based movie, I do think it is enjoyable for comic books fans or those looking to see a comedy or action movie.