MCHS athletes train for spring season

Students lift weights, run sprints and learn how to work as a team in February before the snow thaws and their seasons begin


Allie Everhart

The girls track and field sprinters warm up on Jan. 25 in the hallways of the Upper Campus. Many spring teams are training indoors while they wait for their seasons to start — and snow to melt.

Logan Vincent, Staff Writer

Spring sports are starting soon and the MCHS’ teams are lifting, running, doing drills and other workouts. These spring teams include badminton, baseball, girls soccer, girls softball, boys tennis, track, water polo, and lacrosse.

The tryouts for these sports will usually be later in the year, but currently they are practicing and preparing for future meets and games. The training requires putting in more energy than expected.The training  helps the team bond and join together.

Many athletes improve during off season training due to it being a vast style of training.

“Offseason is where the most improvements can be made,” states Dennis Hutchinson, head coach of boys track and field. “Once the season starts, it is more event specific technique training and maintenance on what the athletes had built in the offseason.”

During the offseason, track athletes learn sprint techniques and mechanics, and work on getting as fast as possible before they train endurance or event specific technique.

Senior track runner Joe Hissem states, “The hardest part about training is the length of the season. Because the season is long, it is important to maintain focus and energy throughout. However, it can be hard to maintain that focus when we get burnt out.” 

Most training in the spring starts around February or January, this will then go on until around May or June which can cause the athletes to burn out.

Anyone can join the track as well as tryout for other MCHS spring sports. Interested students have to register soon and start practicing for preseason. The training consists of sprints, lifts, and drills.

Head softball coach Mikeala Mitsch states, “The best workouts for softball are explosion and quick burst exercises. Sprints, ladders are good for conditioning and hang clean plus core workouts are great for the strength we need.” These are the workouts that softball players would consider to do to make them better players. 

Both the softball and track and field teams, as well as MCHS’s other spring sports, are working the most at the moment and getting ready for the meets and games. There are more teams getting ready for their season as well which you can find out from the school website.