Throwback Review: “Spend the Evening With Silk Sonic” by Silk Sonic

This ’70s inspired R&B record by two seasoned veterans of the genre is (surprise surprise) amazing


Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak teamed up last year to release the surprise album “An Evening With Silk Sonic” which is still impressive a year later.

On March 5, 2021, surprise single “Leave The Door Open” by duo Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars, going by the name “Silk Sonic” was released to absolutely roaring applause. Fans awaited an album eagerly, and that following November “An Evening With Silk Sonic” was released. The R&B and funk inspired record had the hazy, classic feel that both artists have long mastered, and was a welcomed blast from the past. 

Both artists leave it all on stage when it comes to vocal performance. Bruno Mars is, as to be expected, presenting luscious belting vocals throughout the record and takes centerstage for the majority of the album, but Anderson .Paak is not one to be outmatched either. His dusty, soulful vocal stylings compliment the music perfectly. Particularly, vocal performance on “After Last Night” stands out to me, with both artists trading the spotlight throughout the impassioned track. 

Along with songwriters Christopher Body Brown, and D’Mile, the pair’s songwriting displays confident and flirtatious, as well as the heartbreaking and complicated nature of love in captivating fashion. On lead single “Leave The Door Open” this is most evident, with the listener themselves being placed as the focus of the lyrics, referring to “you” and “we” giving them a uniquely intimate feel that is infectious. 

Instrumentation is luxurious and nostalgic from cover to cover, and with musical geniuses all across the spectrum, from Dr. Dre to Stevie Wonder having some kind of influence on this album’s production, it was bound to be that way. With recording between 2017 and 2021 it could be expected that the musicians would confront a lack of consistency, but with this record that is simply not the case. Every song on the album has its own highlights to the point that I’m having difficulty picking one highest point, however if I have to, I think the bass on “Fly As Me” would be my favorite moment. Additionally, Anderson .Paak’s jazz inspired drumming is great as always. 

The album earned Billboard Music Awards, Album Of The Year awards, and would debut at number 2 on the Billboard 200, all of which are deserved. This album can’t be described as anything less than a triumph, I can’t recommend it enough.