Building a more cohesive classroom

Entering her third year at MCHS, Oros focuses on more than just content.


Lauren Curtin

Writing on her whiteboard, Ms. Oros is looking for this year to be the stepping stone in a new journey; focusing on relationships with students.

Lauren Curtin, Contributing Writer

In a disturbingly quiet classroom sits one teacher that recently started her third year of teaching. Yes, that’s right, Stephanie Oros is back in action and roaming McHenry West campus as part of the science department. With a passion for science and a fierce competitive streak in basketball, Oros has many new opportunities to build relationships with students.

Many kids in the student body know of Ms.Oros or her partner in crime Mr.Wilbois. Wilbois is a biology assistant as well as a divisional for the Special Education department.

Oros has a mission to be involved in the student body. Whether that be by coaching the girl’s basketball team, being extremely involved in her classes, or just saying hello to students she doesn’t even know. “I mean, I talk to students I’ve never even had in class before daily”, Oros explained.

Ms. Oros is present in the school and that happens to help her grow better relationships with students. “Even kids I don’t have or just casually see in the hallway; they hear me say something sarcastically or loud to or around them and we end up building relationships. The fact that I’m fairly young helps to relate to kids or understand them. I hope that it makes my classes a little more fun for students at least” laughed Oros. Just being in the presence of a class taught by Oros shows how involved her students are compared to some other classes. Sure, there are off days, but even students who don’t aspire to be scientists or aren’t excelling in biology participate within her classes. 

Oros loves to help her students in any way possible. She also knows that some students may not understand the way she teaches certain things and has Mr. Wilbois to help students have another perspective on the same topic. “He [Mr. Wilbois] can also help you guys [students] because students learn better one on one, so if one of us is teaching at the front the other can be helping kids,” explained Oros. These two teachers have been working together for three years so they have a system going at this point.

What students don’t know is that Oros’ favorite part of teaching is the kids. After all, she decided to teach because of the high school teachers she had that left an impact. Oros wants to do just that. “My favorite thing about students is the relationships we build. The fact that I can do stuff like this, have a conversation with you, and it not be weird is great,” exclaimed Oros.

Many students can agree. Stephanie Oros is a valued player here at MCHS. McHenry West Campus is lucky to have a vibrant teacher and friendly face around school. At MCHS Oros coaches girl’s basketball and teaches five science classes. Students are lucky to have someone relatable and fun in their lives, especially in a school setting.