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MCHS sends a handful of graduating seniors into every branch of the military every year. Many staff members at East and West are veterans as well.

On to greater things

Joe Ndu, Staff Writer February 18, 2021

The grind of the second semester is a grueling and challenging time for most students, especially seniors on the cusp of graduation, faced with the stark realization that their high school career is quickly...

Though he has played a variety of roles throughout his tenure at MCHS, college prep instructor Kris Hokinson has made a powerful impact on his students.

Hele mai ho’ohiwahiwa

Kyla Henige, Managing Editor February 9, 2021

Many students go through their day at school with teachers who  aren’t as enthusiastic and don’t try to make connections with each individual student. But student who take college prep instructor...

Hilary Agnello poses with the McHenry High School Warriors logo. Agnello is the Varsity volleyball coach, a math interventionist, and a teacher on special assignment.

Like broccoli

Kennedy Tetour, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 23, 2020

The morning is chilly and brisk, and as the leaves start to change color, the reality of autumn sets in. Hillary Agnello puts her car in park and strides up to the front door of a truant student’s house....

Jodi Cone stands in front of an American flag before reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during her video announcements on March 20.

Above and beyond

Oliver Simpson, Staff Writer April 8, 2020

Each year, a senior does the daily announcements that are broadcasted throughout the school during AIM. This year, that person was Jodie Cone. However, her job has recently become a struggle due to the...

Laughing with his students, Derek Galvicius listens back to a recording with his Surround Sound students on March 5 in the West Campus choir room.

Safe in sound

Megan Walsh, Contributing Writer March 9, 2020

Students roaming around West Campus may hear faint singing as they approach the choir room. Students of all backgrounds and personalities feel welcomed as they walk into the room for choir. The acceptance...

After playing on boys teams for several seasons, which was not always accommodating, Wirth joined the Glen Ellyn Admirals, an all-girls hockey team.

Wirth it

Ciara Duncan, Layout Editor March 6, 2020

When parents enroll their child in a sport, it tends to either be a phase or become a lifelong passion. For West junior Ella Wirth, it just so happened to become the latter.  “My mom’s friend’s...

Describing the Russian Revolution to students, Mr. Eric Vollmert strives for students to look beyond the label of

MCHS prepares student-teacher for his future

Sage Rainey , Staff Writer February 27, 2020

Nervously, Mr. Eric Vollmert prepares lesson plans for AP Human Geography and Revolutions through History for the first time. McHenry High School is playing a big part in his preparation to be a teacher,...

Despite their negative associations, many professionals wear their tattoos with pride. At MCHS, getting a tattoo when a person is of age is a sort of right of passage.

Fresh ink

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor February 19, 2020

An MCHS student anxiously waits in the chair at their local tattoo parlor. They had made this appointment ages ago, and today was finally the day — their 18th birthday. The artist shows the student the...

Megan Edwards is a FAC educator at MCHS who inspires her students with her kindness every day.

In with the new

Michelene Havard, Staff Writer February 12, 2020

Students were stressed about an upcoming test in Independent living, so Megan Edwards pulled out a box of markers and helped the students make stress balls. As the students worked on their study guides,...

When it comes to making prom dresses, teacher Andrew Hillier has his work cut out for him. There is a lot of detailing happening

Passion for fashion

Jared Bysiek, Features Editor February 11, 2020

Once he finishes meeting with the new client and getting sketches finalized, French teacher and East Campus drama director Andrew Hillier begins his work. After countless hours spent draping cotton and...

Rachel Hanson has taught special education for 14 years, though this is only her second year working at West Campus.

Touching hearts and minds

Emma Snyder, Staff Writer January 27, 2020

Teachers impact their students every day and leave lasting imprints. Oftentimes teachers are in-turn inspired by their students. The same is true for Adjusted Learning Program teacher, Rachel Hanson. She...

Leanna Anderson helps MCHS student at her IT help desk on January 7. She spends her time in the library solving student’s technology problems.

Keeping the machine running

Ciara Duncan, Staff Writer January 9, 2020

Running a school can be thought of as running a well-oiled machine. The machine is made up of many parts, some obvious, some not. But, if just one of those parts doesn’t work, the entire machine breaks...

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