All things ‘sour’

Dillon Maciaszek’s new series helps students better understand the personalities at MCHS


Kylie Chisamore

Senior Dillon Maciaszek, a member of the Warrior Weekly team, also stars in his own interview show called “Sour” in which he consumes progressively sour foods as the conversation progresses.

Kylie Chisamore, Staff Writer

In the broadcasting room, in front of the camera, sits Dillon Maciaszek, face puckered. Sour candy sitting in the room with his interviewee straight across from him. 

Maciaszek’s series “Sour,” a “Hot Ones” spin off, including various sour items. Dillon brings various guests in accordance to events and issues in our school. 

“We were bringing up ideas for outside of school content for broadcasting that we could have a ‘Hot Ones’ style show,” states Maciaszek, “It makes the interview more authentic because you get the reaction of a person on video from eating sour stuff because most people don’t like sour.” 

Many people do not like sour candy, but not liking sour candy isn’t a part of the criteria to be featured on Sour. 

“We’re choosing the nice guys usually. It has to do with what season we’re in. Homecoming just passed so of course someone who was nominated for Homecoming King or Queen is someone we will think about,” explains Maciaszek. It isn’t a popularity contest to be featured but it has to be relevant to MCHS in the same time frame it is occurring.

A lot of work gets put in behind the scenes that shows on and off the camera.

“Dillon does a ton of research before every single show, a ton, he digs deep into Instagram archives on all his guests before coming in, and then interviews them on topics they might not expect to be asked,” states Broadcasting teacher and Warrior Weekly advisor, Mitchell Stengel.  

While watching this series, a lot can be learned about the people in MCHS that may not have been well known. But in order for a show to go smoothly a good host is needed.

“He is the perfect host for this show,” states Stengel, “I anticipate that it’s only going to get better and better and he’s going to become a better and better host because the more you do something you just get better at it.”

After Maciaszek’s senior year, “Sour” will come to an end unless another broadcasting student takes over. Regardless of it possibly ending in a few months, Maciaszek wants it to be an escape for MCHS’s students and all of their worries and stressors.