Above and beyond

Jodie Cone keeps spirits high during the pandemic by recording the morning announcements from home


Jodi Cone

Jodi Cone stands in front of an American flag before reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during her video announcements on March 20.

Oliver Simpson, Staff Writer

Each year, a senior does the daily announcements that are broadcasted throughout the school during AIM. This year, that person was Jodie Cone. However, her job has recently become a struggle due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The school has been indefinitely shut down, and in-turn most would think that means no more announcements.

Jodie Cone

Cone has decided, however, that school being shut down wasn’t going to stop her from continuing this tradition. “As Secretary of Student Council, it’s part of my duties to do the announcements. Grey [Melnick] is one of my best friends, and I recruited her to help out. We are usually always with each other, so coming to the office for announcements was just part of our daily routine. Occasionally, when I was absent, Grey would fill in for me, and since then we have just kind of been a dynamic duo.”

“During the first week of the quarantine,” Cone added, “while trying to recreate my routine, I remembered that part of my routine was doing the announcements. I had a rush of ideas for fun things to do and say to maybe bring some joy back to students and staff.”

Cone has been recording announcements from her home and sending them to West assistant principal, Gregory Eiserman, to post on the Schoology page. He mentioned, “We felt it was important to try and keep a sense of community and connection throughout all of this.”

She has stated that she will be posting announcements every Friday until school is back in session. “I just hope that these videos bring a sense of normality to the Warrior family and keep everyone hopeful for the future,” she said. The videos are mainly talking about important updates the school administration wants us to know. It also contains weekly bad jokes, lunch suggestions, and small things to try and raise students’ spirits.

Grey Melnick

Cone is not the only one creating content for the school during this time. Senior Grey Melnick also uploaded a video filled with tips to help students feel a little less overwhelmed during the pandemic. One of her tips included cleaning your room or doing laundry to feel more in control of life.

The MCHS staff and administration are doing everything in their power to stay in contact with their students. Along with the weekly announcements, West principal Marsha Potthoff has been sending daily emails with important information and pictures of her dog sporting spirit wear.

Cone said, “I’m super grateful to the administration, Mr. Eiserman, and Grey for organizing this with me so that we can spread some positivity together.”