Changing teaching technique

What MCHS teacher Rockweiler does to keep her students on-track during remote learning


Prepping for remote learning, Rockweiler translates her teaching style to the virtual world.

Brooke Langfeld, Staff Writer

One morning, sitting behind her desk in room 338, Mrs. Stacy Rockweiler is watching her computer screen as her English students take their unit three test. Adapting to her new teaching style, Rockweiler is focusing on how to help her students the best way possible with teaching through a screen. Being the caring teacher she is, helping students passionately is very important to her. 

Covid-19 has affected McHenry Community High School in so many ways. For Rockweiler, it was teaching from home. Teaching from home was a big change for Rockweiler to get adjusted to. Rockweiler stated, “I’ve been telling everybody my magic is in-person.” Trying to do her best from teaching at home, she explained, “I’ve been trying to be kinder, compassionate, and more flexible.” Getting students to pay attention in class is hard enough, but e-learning is even more difficult. 

Rockweiler is very passionate about her career and it is very important to her that her students feel comfortable with learning over a screen. Due to school being over Zoom, Rockweiler had to drastically change her teaching style: “I started doing individual breakout rooms so I can talk to students one on one because so many are hesitant to talk,” she stated. “It’s weird talking in that big group zoom.” She is trying different teaching styles to see what works for her students. Seeing students succeed is what inspires her to keep teaching. 

Rockweiler wants to make sure her students are motivated to do their work. She explained, “I am here for you. We are going to get through this together.” That reassurance for her students will go a long way. She stated, “I feel like, if they know someone’s there trying to help them, they’re willing to at least meet me halfway.” With having to adjust to e-learning quickly, she still finds many ways to motivate her students. 

Being the compassionate, flexible, and understanding teacher Rockweiler is, she understands that e-learning can be difficult for students. Talking about learning over Zoom, she stated, “Let’s not pretend that this is not hard. It is.” She wants students to understand that she is going to be more flexible with them. She explained, “Nobody wants to be doing this, but now we have to.” Rockweiler understands the flexibility that is needed in a teacher during this teaching period. 

Finding new ways to motivate her students to help them succeed is the number one priority for Rockweiler. She changed her teaching style drastically to help students feel more comfortable learning over Zoom. Whether it be motivating them through a screen or in person, Rockweiler will always be there to support her students.