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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

13 McHenry County libraries are participating in the Library Lovers Expedition. The events come in an attempt to bring more patrons into the libraries.

McHenry County libraries host Library Lovers Expedition

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor February 24, 2023

On Feb. 1, the McHenry County libraries began hosting events in an attempt to get members of the community more interested in reading and learning.  Events include special materials to check out, the...

Sophomores read during the Celebration of Words on Feb. 6 in the Upper Campus auditorium as part of Writers Week.

Gallery: Writer’s Week

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director February 16, 2023

Last week, students at MCHS celebrated the importance of creative writing and students being able to express themselves through their work.  Writers week consisted of a celebration of words on Monday...

One highlight of Writers Week includes the Celebration of Words during AIM on Monday where students and staff will read their own creative work.

Writers Week events to take place second week of February

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor February 3, 2023

Writers Week will provide opportunities to recognize others’ work and connect through reading and writing from Feb. 6-10 during AIM and lunch at both campuses.  The annual tradition will center around...

Beltran is a junior at the Upper Campus who learned how to speak a new language by listening to a variety of music, from pop and rap to rock and metal.

Humans of McHenry: Daniel Beltran Jr.

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer January 24, 2023

"[When I was] five probably, I just kind of listened [to] music. I had to learn English. My first language was Spanish. I still know how to speak it, just in order to learn English it was a lot of Pitbull...

American Studies students debate issues and perform during this years Chautauqua in the Upper Campus auditorium on Nov. 17.

Honors American Studies hosts annual Chautauqua event

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer November 22, 2022

As students fix their costumes, grab their hand made signs, prepare themselves for debate. Teachers gather students in order to begin the first day of Chautauqua. Chautauqua is an event that takes place...

APLAC hosts annual Presidential Debate | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

Makenna Harvey, Madison Harvey, and Julianna Ries November 21, 2022

On Wednesday, November 9th, AP Language and Composition students gathered in the Warrior Room to elect an AP President. The three candidates, Jacob Jensen, Chase Kaplan, and Maya Gill, campaigned against...

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic taught in many public high schools around the U.S., but some schools have pulled it from its curriculum after concerns of a white savior narrative and made room for more diverse voices.

Opinion: Replacing a classic is a mistake

Beth Brackmann, Contributing Writer November 15, 2022

After talking with parents or other older relatives about their high school experiences one thing becomes apparent, they have all read a book that the school no longer teaches. It doesn’t seem all that...

Carhart works on the computer, grading student essays shes recently received.

The trials of teaching

Sabrina Glosson, Contributing Writer March 23, 2022

Margaret Carhart stands in front of her 8th period English class. The fluorescent lights beam on her chattering students as they walk in fatigued and tired from the long day. Although the day has been...

Poetry slam finalists performed a mix of poems, short stories, and creative excerpts at the Celebration of Words on Friday in the Upper Campus auditorium.

MCHS celebrates Writer’s Week

Paulina Borowski, Staff Writer February 14, 2022

Students, teachers and staff at the Upper Campus celebrated Writer’s Week in the auditorium during AIM for the week of Feb. 7-11. Almost every day held an opportunity to celebrate writing. Hosted...

Freshmen work on their final project for Leah Nolans English I Honors class on December 1 in room 409 at the Freshman Campus. English is a core class that all students must take at MCHS.

Opinion: General education is too general

Madison Donovan, Contributing Writer December 10, 2021

Standing in front of the school counselor flooded with frustration, a student tries to change classes to ones that would help them succeed in their path after high school. Instead, the school counselor...

Organized by Heidie Dunn, an English teacher at East Campus, MCHSs version of Romeo and Juliet features teachers and staff members from almost every department.

Putting on a show

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor March 25, 2021

A student hits the play button on a video for their English assignment. Their own teachers who are now characters in the classic “Romeo and Juliet” are performing the play for their students. Although...

A stack of MCHS yearbooks sit in Mitch Stengels classroom while he teaches on February 2. Though it was only his first year as advisor, Stengel helped his team create a third place yearbook even during a pandemic.

The Warrior wins

Emma Snyder, News Editor February 3, 2021

Capturing the essence of any year into a single book is a difficult task but, capturing 2020 was a completely different challenge. MCHS’s yearbook staff rose to the occasion and created a yearbook that...

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