Gallery: Writer’s Week

Last week’s Writers Week encouraged students to express themselves through creative writing

Sophomores read during the Celebration of Words on Feb. 6 in the Upper Campus auditorium as part of Writer’s Week.

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director

Last week, students at MCHS celebrated the importance of creative writing and students being able to express themselves through their work. 

Writers week consisted of a celebration of words on Monday and Friday, an interview with author Erika Sánchez on Tuesday, and a poetry slam Thursday, in which sophomores shared their poems to their peers and judges.

Gina Nomikoudis, the head of the English department, organizes the event and hopes it inspires students not only to write, but to listen to one another and feel heard. 

“There were a few instances last week that moved audiences,” says Nomikoudis, “Specifically, a question for Erika Sánchez about bullying that came from an audience member and slam poems about the unbearable pressure students feel at times.The entire audience was listening. We all heard these voices. We have all been called to action.”