APLAC hosts annual Presidential Debate | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

AP Language and Composition hosts event to enhance debate and persuasive skills

On Wednesday, November 9th, AP Language and Composition students gathered in the Warrior Room to elect an AP President. The three candidates, Jacob Jensen, Chase Kaplan, and Maya Gill, campaigned against each other during 2nd and 3rd period.

Students in AP Language and Composition students began with in class elections, where students were separated into groups of six to eight students. One student was elected from each class period to face off against the others in a town hall style debate, meant to teach students about argumentative writing. “The main purpose is to prepare them for the AP Test.” Kim shared. 

Jacob Jensen was elected president of the APLAC Town Hall debate. ¨They seemed to like his answers and commercials best¨ says Kim. The title doesn’t come with any true responsibilities but it does come with bragging rights! ¨It was a fun election, im happy to win!¨ says winner Jacob Jensen.

Sophomores who are interested in doing this project next year can talk to their counselor about taking AP Language and Composition.