Humans of McHenry: Daniel Beltran Jr.

Meet junior Daniel Beltran Jr., who learned a new language by listening to his favorite musicians


Savannah Drost

Beltran is a junior at the Upper Campus who learned how to speak a new language by listening to a variety of music, from pop and rap to rock and metal.

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer

“[When I was] five probably, I just kind of listened [to] music. I had to learn English. My first language was Spanish. I still know how to speak it, just in order to learn English it was a lot of Pitbull and Justin Bieber. Honestly, every genere is just like another book to uncover. It was very wide perspective. With rap, you have to really listen to understand what they’re saying, or even like rock or metal or stuff like that. It was funny because I used to try talking to my friends and they would not understand what I was saying.”