Writers Week events to take place second week of February

Both campuses can partake in activities, performances and Q&As to celebrate writing throughout next week


Kenzie Sroka

One highlight of Writer’s Week includes the Celebration of Words during AIM on Monday where students and staff will read their own creative work.

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor

Writers Week will provide opportunities to recognize others’ work and connect through reading and writing from Feb. 6-10 during AIM and lunch at both campuses. 

The annual tradition will center around expectations, a theme MCHS’ English Division chose to tie the week together.

Upper Campus will hold its Celebration of Words event on Feb. 6 during AIM. Students will read their writing in the auditorium, discussing themes of expectations, dreams and goals.

“When a student … [takes] the stage during Celebration of Words, they might connect with others and find support,” Gina Nomikoudis, English division chair, said. “ … applause from a group of peers and respected faculty is much more powerful than a set of ratings or a few likes on a post. 

During lunch, the campuses can “profess an imperfection” to relieve themselves of pressure and expectations. 

On Tuesday, Upper Campus is welcoming bestselling author Erika L. Sánchez for a Q&A session. Her works include YA novel “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” and memoir “Crying in the Bathroom.” A Google Form is available to submit questions for Sánchez.

All students will attend during first, second, third or seventh hour, depending on last name.

“‘I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter’ is the inspiration for this year’s theme: expectations,” Nomikoudis added. “The expectations others have of the main character clash with the dreams and expectations she has for herself …  I hope [the theme] invites contemplation and inspires some to write down their thinking.”

Word games with students and staff will take place during lunch. And on Wednesday, a blackout poetry activity allows anyone to create a poem with a page of text. 

Thursday, Upper Campus can enjoy performances from MCHS alum Mackenzie O’Brien and the 2022 Battle of the Bands champions, along with a Q&A. A poetry slam will take place during periods 1-3 and 6-8, where sophomores read their poems and others participate as judges. 

“I’m most excited to hear the students’ truths,” junior Kadin Henige, a judge, said. ” … It’s extremely important to hold a poetry slam, as it’s the best way for any and every student to not only express themselves but also show us their writing capabilities and passions.”

To conclude the week, both campuses will have a Celebration of Words. Any student can sign up through a Google Form to take part in reading meaningful work. 

“The advice I have is that if you want to perform or are thinking about it, you should go for it,” sophomore Kaylie Szczepanik said. “Public speaking terrifies me because I feel like I’ll be judged but this event is to express yourself, and others can relate to what you say.” 

Writers Week aims to be an opportunity for students to enjoy writing without requirements, deadlines and stress. Lunch activities intend to bring students and staff together through reading and writing. 

“I hope Writers Week inspires others to give reading and writing for enjoyment a try,” Nomikoudis said. “I hope Writers Week provides us all opportunities to gain perspective about the world and those around us.”