Gallery: Sophomore picnic

With help from Student Council Connections Crew, MCHS held a picnic for sophmores to help give them an easier transition to the Upper Campus

Sophomores enjoy eating hot dogs and hamburgers and play games during a special sophomore picnic organized by Connections Crew on Sept 15 outside of the Upper Campus.

Eli Frommes, Staff Writer

The sophomore picnic was held on Thursday, Sept. 15 during third and fourth period to help sophomores feel connected to the Upper Campus and help with the transition.

Stefanie Lukas, division chair of mathematics, is also in charge of the class of 2025 and Student Council advisor. She put together a picnic for the sophomores to connect to their new school and meet people to help with transition from one school to another.

 “We recognize it was going to be a really big transition going from being the only class in a building to being in this big huge building,” Lukas said. “So we wanted to do something where the whole sophomore class could be together, connect, do some activities, eat and just have a good time.”