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Homecoming court members pose during the Homecoming parade on September 29 outside of McCracken Field.

Gallery: Homecoming parade and spirit rally

Kennedy Tetour, Art Director October 1, 2021

The first Homecoming parade and sprit rally since 2019 took place at McCracken Field on September 29. Students decked out in hard hats and construction tape from different athletics, clubs and student...

The learning ledge on the second floor of the Center for Science, Technology, and Industry waits for students fill its seats starting the 2021-22 school year — the first year that West Campus will be known as the Upper Campus.

Becoming one

It is fall of 2022. A sophomore wanders the halls of the Upper Campus after coming from the Freshman Campus. As they navigate the school, they find and explore the recent extension — The Center...

The bleachers at West Campus were crammed full of screaming students a decade ago. So what happened to pep assemblies — and why arent West students excited for the spirit shout any more?

Opinion: Let’s rep the pep

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor May 7, 2021

Excitement runs through the roaring crowd as each class does a chant to close out the assembly. However, on the other side of town, the bleachers in the gym have  been quiet and empty for 4 years. To...

School spirit has been one key factor in the perfect high school experience that has been missing from west campus for some time now. Though STU-CO is trying to bring it back, students are still unenthusiastic about school as a whole.

Opinion: We’ve got spirit, how about you?

Kennedy Tetour, Art Director April 23, 2021

Fluorescent lights glowing, speakers blaring, the cheers of students and staff alike fill the gym with excitement. Cheerleaders cheering and jumping with joy give energy and courage to their team right...

The librarys reading challenge is part of West Campuss Spirit Barrel Battle. Students and teachers who read can help their grade level earn points over other classes.

The reading rivalry

Michelene Havard, Staff Writer January 29, 2020

Throughout the day, Cheryl Myers works diligently in West's new and improved  library. During study hall hours, Myers reminds students to focus on their academics, and she tries to persuade them to check-out...

Pep rallies, now a thing of the past at McHenry West, used to give students the opportunity to sit on their phones, or in some cases, leave early. This distracts students from the true reason theyre here: their education.

Opinion: Leave pep in the past

Joe Ndu, Contributing Writer December 11, 2019
“We decided to put assemblies on hold after students started getting up to leave the assemblies 10-15 minutes before the bell rang.  Most students were sitting passively on their phones and leaving early which indicated to us that they did not find them valuable,” explains West principal Marsha Potthoff.
Sometimes, it seems like theres a wall between MCHSs two campuses, but differences in opportunities, atmosphere, and student attitudes have contributed to its construction.

Opinion: School spirit?

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor November 4, 2019

In terms of school spirit, West Campus used to rival East's, but the atmosphere changed sometime within the past three years or so. Now, East students participate in fun planned events that West students...

Curtis Menke, former Student Council Advisor and lover of school spirit, sits with his beloved Spirit Barrel.

Let’s hear it for the spirit

Gianna Matassa, Editor - West Campus May 1, 2019

 Spirit rallies and pep assemblies have always been the heart and soul of school spirit from middle school all the way through high school. But what do you do when the spirit rallies and pep assemblies...

Barrel Battle, an incentive based program, aims to boost student engagement district-wide

Andy Garrity , Staff Writer April 2, 2019

For those who don’t know, Barrel Battle is a competition between each grade level of students that involves getting points and prizes (on behalf of your class) for things such as acts of kindness, fewest...

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