StuCo plans new school spirit activities this winter

This winter’s spirit week and rally are scheduled to take place this week with new events later next semester


Kennedy Tetour

Next week, MCHS will celebrate the end of the semester and the holiday season with a spirit week culminating in a spirit rally. Next semester, StuCo plans to introduce new winter events.

Lydia Lawrence, Business Director

MCHS’s Student Council is in the process of introducing certain activities to boost overall morale in the winter months. 

StuCo agreed that there would be a winter spirit week, a spirit rally and a dodgeball tournament during December and January. 

Starting Dec. 12, spirit days include PJ Day, Concert/Band T-Shirt Day, Sports/Jersey Day, Ugly Sweater Day and Class Color Day, which will be a part of the spirit rally on Dec. 16.

“During the winter months, it is evident that school spirit, morale and energy is just low,” StuCo President Rayaan Ahmed says. “So, we are implementing a majority of these events during this time period to help get the school climate feeling good.”

The dodgeball tournament will take place in January. However, planning for the event is still underway. 

“The concept of holding an event similar to those that we did in middle school was originally presented by Student Council President Rayaan Ahmed,” Junior Board Vice President Charlotte Alexander says. “We were able to rally around the prospect of using nostalgia to motivate students.”

Although many students had voted on a Google Form that they would want to have a winter dance, there will not be one this year. 

“This is something we might be pursuing for next year, but for now the plans are on hold,” mentions Leah Pelletier, advisor of the Student Council. 

Even though there wasn’t enough time to plan a dance this school year, this choice allows extra planning for next year. 

“We are planning on some events to engage students who don’t like to get involved with events like Homecoming, to get them hooked on doing something!” explains Paulina Borowski, a member of the junior board.