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Learning about angles in Jason Myhres College Algebra class, students participate in spirit by wearing black during Thursday Black Out spirit day at the Upper Campus.

MCHS celebrates final pep rally of the year with a spirit week

Grace Crockett, News Editor April 4, 2024

The week after spring break, MCHS hosts an exciting spirit week for students and staff to enjoy before the final pep rally of the year on Friday. MCHS hosts its final pep rally Friday, April 5, which...

The sophomores celebrate a dizzy human pyramid contest during the spring spirit rally in the Upper Campus Main Gym on March 23.

Gallery: Spring spirit rally

Eli Frommes, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

MCHS's spring spirit sally took place yesterday afternoon at the Upper Campus main gym. Students cheered as each class competed in competitions. At the spirit rally, students did the spirit shout, competed...

A handmade sign reads Inclusion Matters! hangs on the wall in Upper Campus.

MCHS celebrates Inclusion Week

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director February 28, 2023

From Feb. 27 to Mar. 3, McHenry High School’s Warrior Buddies are promoting inclusivity through the annual Inclusion Week.  Warrior Buddies work with and mentor students in adaptive classes and help...

Students pose in their band tee-shirts during winter spirit week at the Upper Campus on Dec. 13.

Real Warriors: Winter spirit week

Preston Boysen, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

From Dec. 12-16, students participated in this year's winter spirit week. Spirit days included comfy day, concert/band tee-shirt day, jersey day, ugly sweater day, and color day. “It’s going well,...

Next week, MCHS will celebrate the end of the semester and the holiday season with a spirit week culminating in a spirit rally. Next semester, StuCo plans to introduce new winter events.

StuCo plans new school spirit activities this winter

Lydia Lawrence, Business Director December 8, 2022

MCHS’s Student Council is in the process of introducing certain activities to boost overall morale in the winter months.  StuCo agreed that there would be a winter spirit week, a spirit rally and...

Our school seems to love the singer Pitbull — especially since his songs are played at so many school functions. So why didnt anyone dress up for Mr. Worldwide Day during the prom spirit week — and why is our school afraid of showing its school spirit?

Opinion: Worldwide spirit

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor May 18, 2022

Mr. Worldwide. A man who has taken over the world with his sparkling bald head and wonderful woos. He encapsulates class, excitement, and what it truly means to be the life of the party. Of course,...

Warrior Buddies spent the week of Feb. 28 running activities and participating in a spirit week in an attempt to end of the use of the R word.

MCHS celebrates inclusivity with an “End the Word” spirit week

Paulina Borowski, Staff Writer March 7, 2022

From Feb. 28 to Mar. 4, students at MCHS celebrated “End the Word” to combat the derogatory use of the “r slur” and spread awareness of people with disabilities. Each day, students dressed up according...

Students pose with Derek Galvicius during Duct Tape the Teacher, which concluded Homecoming week on April 23 outside the West Campus cafeteria.

Gallery: Duct Tape the Teacher

Madison Harvey, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

On Friday, April 23, MCHS students gathered outside the cafeteria to participate in Duct Tape the Teacher. This year, students got to duct tape Derek Galvicius, MCHS's choir director. The tradition...

Wests Homecoming king and queen Max DeCicco and Ashley Wachter pose for pictures outside of East Campus on April 19 following coronation.

Updated: MCHS celebrates Homecoming 2021 this week

Madison Harvey, Staff Writer April 20, 2021

Homecoming week is finally here — just in the spring instead of the fall. In an effort to keep traditions alive, West and East's student councils have set up a spirit week and other Homecoming-related...

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