Real Warriors: Winter spirit week

Students show their school and holiday spirit during winter spirit week at the Upper Campus

Students pose in their band tee-shirts during winter spirit week at the Upper Campus on Dec. 13.

Preston Boysen, Staff Writer

From Dec. 12-16, students participated in this year’s winter spirit week. Spirit days included comfy day, concert/band tee-shirt day, jersey day, ugly sweater day, and color day.

“It’s going well, you know,” senior and Student Council President Ray Ahmed said. “It’s something that gets people excited, and this year, it has proven to be a great transition into this year’s pep assembly.” 

The goal of the “Real Warrior” series is to showcase MCHS students that don’t get much light or attention but still are in important parts of the school’s community, including how MCHS Warriors socialize, how they act and what they do for fun – with a twist.