MCHS celebrates inclusivity with an “End the Word” spirit week

MCHS’s Warrior Buddies spread the word to end derogatory slurs with a spirit week


Allie Everhart

Warrior Buddies spent the week of Feb. 28 running activities and participating in a spirit week in an attempt to end of the use of the “R” word.

Paulina Borowski, Staff Writer

From Feb. 28 to Mar. 4, students at MCHS celebrated “End the Word” to combat the derogatory use of the “r slur” and spread awareness of people with disabilities. Each day, students dressed up according to different themes created by Warrior Buddies.

The Warrior Buddies, a group of special needs students who build relationships with others at MCHS, organized the “End the Word” event. Organizing and being a part of the “Spread The Word To End The Word” week was very important to them. 

“I am participating because it’s fun, spreads awareness, and it’s a fun part of organizing the club,” says senior Tarleen Judge.

Monday Feb. 28 was Pajama day. Students got comfy and cozy on Monday morning with their pajamas and fun onesies to kick off the “End the Word” week.

“I dressed up because going all out for spirit days is just a lot of fun,” says junior Brooke Schubert, “and getting to show off to other people makes it much better!”

Tuesday, Mar. 1’s theme was dressing in all blue to represent inclusion. There was also an event during each lunch period at Upper Campus where students could write what inclusion meant to them on a colorful piece of paper. These messages were posted on a large mural in the lunchroom.

“I am participating in spirit week because it’s not a week that many are aware of,” says junior Nicole Predretti, “so it helps to get others talking and thinking about it.”

Mar. 2 was Warrior Wednesday. Students dressed in their favorite Warrior gear or orange and black. National Awareness Day was also on this day.

“I dress up to show my school spirit,” says sophomore Jennifer Orozco, “and especially this week to show inclusion.” 

Thursday’s was twin day, where students could dress up and match with their friends or significant others.

“I would also say that [spirit week is] fun, especially twin day because you get to dress up with your friends and it gives you something else to look forward to,” adds Orozco.

Friday’s spirit day was to dress in bright and neon colors to spread positive vibes.

“I dressed up to show support for inclusion week and because it’s fun,” says sophomore Lola Cassidy

This week’s spirit week really brung MCHS together to spread the word about inclusion for all and to end the use of harmful words to others.