MCHS celebrates Inclusion Week

MCHS promotes inclusion and positivity during a special week of spirit days and cafeteria events


Nikki Sisson

A handmade sign reads “Inclusion Matters!” hangs on the wall in Upper Campus.

Nikki Sisson, Marketing Director

From Feb. 27 to Mar. 3, McHenry High School’s Warrior Buddies are promoting inclusivity through the annual Inclusion Week. 

Warrior Buddies work with and mentor students in adaptive classes and help provide them with experiences they may not normally get the chance to participate in.

Inclusion week started with “Spread the Word to End the Word,” which discourages students from using the “r slur” as an offensive term. Each day this week has a different theme for students to participate to help support the group. 

Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Wear Blue for Inclusion, Wednesday is Warrior Wednesday, Thursday is Twin Day and Friday is Neon Colors/Positive Vibes.

“[Inclusion week] kinda just brings awareness to all of these different students and what they have to offer,” says Lynette Alsot, a senior who has been in Warrior Buddies since  freshman year. “[It] really just gives them a week for them to be recognized and noticed in the school since they are not in the same classes as us, and we only see them during some passing periods. So it’s for them to be celebrated and be seen and heard.”

In addition to the spirit week, Warrior Buddies is hosting an event in the cafeteria on Friday during all lunch periods. It will include an inclusion wall that gives students the opportunity to write about what inclusion means to them and stick it on the cafeteria wall. There will be a raffle for Warrior Buddies merch.

“You have an opportunity to come up and chat with us and chat with the kids, and just really hang out and celebrate them,” says Alsot. “So come up to the table, visit us and have fun!”