Gallery: Winter spirit rally

Students and staff celebrate winter spirit week and the end of the semester with a winter spirit rally full of music, jousting and spirit chants

Students participate in a joust at the winter spirit rally on Dec. 16 in the Upper Campus main gym.

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor

On Friday, Dec. 16, MCHS held its winter spirit rally at the Upper Campus main gym with all grades and staff present. The rally was a culmination of different spirit days ahead of winter break and finals. 

A scavenger hunt, in which students tried to collect everyday items, such as claw clips and Starbucks cups, from their sections took place. Ultimately, seniors won. They also won an activity where students popped balloons while their hands were tied behind their backs. 

“I liked the scavenger hunt because everyone else was involved,” senior Gwen Pleva says. “It was also really fun.”

Students and teachers then tried to push each other off a platform with inflatable sticks in a jousting tournament. Participants included teachers Leah Stengel and Mitch Stengel, along with students from each grade level. Juniors won. 

“The jousting was my favorite part,” senior Amanda Miles says. “It was funny. I think they should do that again in another rally.” 

Towards the end, Principal Jeff Prickett and students led each class in a warrior chant. Students aimed to scream the chant as loud as they could. Initially, it seemed like a three-way tie between freshmen, juniors and seniors. After a second round, the freshmen won.

“The freshman won but I think they should have rigged it so the seniors won,” Pleva adds. “Just because we’re the seniors.”

After a final chant with all the classes, the second spirit rally of the year concluded and students were dismissed. In total, seniors won two out of four activities, and freshmen and juniors won one each. 

Generally, students felt the rally was better planned and executed than the one on Aug. 17, just three days after the school year started. 

“This rally was definitely better,” adds Miles. “We had more things to look at, and it’s better because everyone is actually paying attention.”