Glow all out

East and West students enjoy a night of neon, dancing and fun at this year’s MORP dance



Students dance beneath the neon lights at this year’s MORP dance, which took place on February 15 at East Main Gym. The theme of this year’s dance was “Glow Out.”

Jared Bysiek, Features Editor

Saturday evening, an MCHS student eagerly enters the East Campus, heading towards the gym. They present the ticket purchased ahead of time, remembering to bring along the sunglasses provided with it, and hurry past the ticket booth into the gym. Once in, they’re surrounded by fog, bright neon lights contrasting the darkness and loud music blaring for a lively crowd. This was the beginning of the night to be had at MORP.

This year’s theme for MORP was “Glow Out.” The dance was set in the dark, gym room with a section in the upper center surrounded by blacklights, various neon decor, lights and tall monitors that gave the whole section a bright glow that contrasted the rest of the gym. 

If the theme sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Last year’s MORP had the same theme, but the MORP committee did this for a reason. “The theme is the same as last year because it was such a big hit with the other students,” said sophomore Rachael Gorham.

The majority of the dance was straightforward with students dancing to popular music, mostly modern, but featured some hits and well known songs like “Mr. Brightside,” “Apple Bottom Jeans,”  “Fergalicious,” and so on. 

While the music played, large monitors placed around the dancefloor displayed various lighting visuals, and other light shows to keep the scenery energetic. However, during the dance students could also recommend songs for the DJ to play through a texting service.

Near the end of the dance, after a couple hours of dancing and energy, masses of confetti were shot out into the crowd during “Fireball” by Pitbull, shocking and amazing students. After a couple more songs, the dance was brought to a close, and students quickly began to hurry out.

Chair of the MORP committee, junior Reyna Sanchez was thrilled with the result and the work put into it. 

“Morp was a very fun turn out and we worked together with East to get everything perfect,” she said. “MORP is an amazing dance that is so friendly and so informal and fun. It’s one of our most laid back dances ever. Our theme was so fun and easy to dress for. The work leading up was exciting and we had all hands on deck.”

MORP was an eventful night for many who went. The music and atmosphere kept students dancing and amused for its entirety, leaving those who went with memories that would glow in their minds for years to come.

“If you have never been to morp how do you really know it’s bad if you’ve never gone!,” Sanchez said. “It’s one of the best dances we’ve had, and it’s a good time to be with your friends and make memories.”