After-school program offers students college insight

MCC Night gives students the opportunity to see what they can do after high school


Colton Rasnake

Seniors and juniors and their families are invited to learn more about MCC and college options in the West auditorium on Wednesday night.

Hayley DuHamel, Staff Reporter

MCC Night, a meeting for parents and students about various colleges and degrees, takes place in the West Campus Auditorium on November 13, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 

The event has free admission, there is no RSVP necessary, and there is no application fee required if a student applies to MCC at MCC Night. Those who are most recommended to attend are seniors and juniors along with their families. This event is also open to any adults who are interested in completing school and earning a degree, professionals in need of additional training, and people who want to take enrichment classes.

Those who go can attend free workshops on financing their college education, scholarships, college classes for high school students, how to transfer college credits, and services for students with disabilities.

There, guests can meet MCC instructors at over 40 different program booths, watch demonstrations by various MCC departments including culinary and baking, art, and many more. There will also be treats provided by MCC Culinary Management too.

McHenry West Counselor, Gary Myers, encourages students to go, so they can be prepared for what’s to come after high school.

“This is a presentation where parents can go with their students, and what they’ll do is the MCC people show them life at MCC and what’s available, and what’s a typical path to get an associate’s degree. But MCC also has some four-year programs now, you can earn a bachelor’s degree or certificates, and they’ll be talked to about that as well. There will be tours of the building,” says Myers.

The school encourages going to MCC Night because it will be a great opportunity for many students and adults to get prepared for college and to better improve their knowledge and skills.