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MCHS students work and interact with preschool students to benefit both of their learning.

Kids teaching kids

Lily Adams, Feature Editor November 13, 2023

 A preschool student walks into MCHS. She walks across the hall, hand in hand with her high school teacher to the Lil´ Warrior Preschool. She hangs up her bag and gets ready for her day at school. While...

Blended learning is supposed to empower students to work at the pace and place that best suits them. So why is MCHS denying the flexibility that some students need to thrive?

Opinion: MCHS should allow off-campus blending

Leylah Moreno, Artistic Director September 21, 2023

In previous years‭, ‬students who met requirements were allowed to leave the classroom and even school property during the period‭ ‬on designated blending days‭. ‬However‭, ‬it has now...

Daisy Lomeli address at the Class of 2023 on Saturday at McCracken Field.

The final goodbye

Tati Rubi, Staff Writer May 25, 2023

Daisy Lomeli walks up to the mic knowing she has the weight of the graduation speech on her hands. Wiping her palms she takes the microphone and gets ready to say one last goodbye to the people she's grown...

Despite a state law that says A student may not be issued a monetary fine or fee as a disciplinary consequence, students at MCHS continue to receive tickets from the McHenry Police Department for their behavior in school.

Still fine

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor May 19, 2023

Walking through the halls, a McHenry High School student notices fighting near the bathrooms. In response, a school resource officer nearby issues adjudication citations, or tickets, to the students. All...

MCHS band Robot Man won the 2023 Battle of the Bands, played at the spring spirit rally and has become popular. The band will be releasing original music soon.

Robotman to drop first release

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 18, 2023

Local darlings Robotman burst onto the scene in early February to roaring applause. The group, composed of junior students Charlie Miller, Coco Levesque, and James Mihevic, would win the Battle Of The...

Communicating important information is a tough job for a high school, who has to keep students, staff, and parents in the loop of every major event and decision. Still, many stakeholders at MCHS wish communication from the district was clearer.

Partial disclosure

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor March 20, 2023

A student walks into class, hearing rumors of a snow day from students and staff alike. She opens her email only to find no update from administration. No email means no snow day but, with no update to...

In a recent Panorama Education survey, 39% of MCHS’s students reported they feel disrespected frequently, or almost always at MCHS. That’s a startling number, and one that MCHS’s staff hopes to correct in the coming months and years.

A matter of respect

Eli Frommes, Staff Wrtier March 15, 2023

A student in gym class doesn’t know how to play basketball, the team sport of the week. They are yelled at by the other students saying, “Hey! Come on! You could have made that!” The student leaves...

The third floor soft seating and bathrooms near the new wing have been closed for a significant amount of time in hopes to curb bad behavior in the area.

Access denied

Tati Rubi, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

An MCHS student raises their hand to go to the bathroom. As they head to the third floor bathroom, they see that they've been closed off — and blocked by furniture. They sigh as they head to the bathrooms...

Power-lifter prepares to squat on February 1 at the flex valley power-lifting meet.

Gallery: Flex Valley power-lifting meet

Mackenzie Sroka, Sports Editor February 7, 2023

On February 1, MCHS Upper Campus hosted the Flex Valley power-lifting meet. This meet was not scored, as most schools in the Fox Valley conference do not have power-lifting teams, so they just brought...

The McHenry Police Department is housed at the McHenry Municipal Center on Green St. The department has partnered with MCHS to send student resource officers to the school.

This is fine

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor May 19, 2022

A McHenry High School student carrying an e-cigarette walks out of the bathroom when he notices a student resource officer staring right at him. Doing his job, the SRO issues a ticket to be resolved in...

Community stakeholders — including students, parents and teachers —  have been invited to complete the Portrait of a Graduate survey in order to define the sort of student who graduates from MCHS.

MCHS develops Portrait of a Graduate

Grace Hunt, Freshman Campus Bureau Chief May 10, 2022

MCHS is working on a Portrait of a Graduate project that articulates outcome goals for all students who leave MCHS and become active participants in the community in order to reach success after graduation.  A...

Because East and West Campus upperclassmen all attend the Upper Campus, students no longer need to travel between campuses to attend certain classes. But space during passing periods and lunches are more limited than ever — even with a new extension and open lunch.

Opinion: Clear the way

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor November 11, 2021

A student leaves the lunchroom to get ready to go to their next period, however as they leave they run into a crowd of students waiting to storm up the stairs. As the bell rings the hallways and stairs...

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