Gallery: Flex Valley power-lifting meet

Last week, MCHS hosted Fox Valley power-lifting match to showcase its students, facilities and program

Power-lifter prepares to squat on February 1 at the flex valley power-lifting meet.

Mackenzie Sroka, Sports Editor

On February 1, MCHS Upper Campus hosted the Flex Valley power-lifting meet. This meet was not scored, as most schools in the Fox Valley conference do not have power-lifting teams, so they just brought interested students to the meet to lift. 

At the meet, everyone was working hard and lifting heavy to achieve their own personal goals. This helped create a very encouraging environment for the lifters. 

“There is a lot of enthusiasm,” stated coach John Beerbower, “We promote character, service, and equity. I saw a lot of kids cheering on each other on and celebrating their strength whether it was a student from our school or another school.”

The environment helps the lifters grow in a judgment free space. A couple of lifters reached personal record lifts, while being encouraged by their teammates and surrounding schools. 

“I hit my goal of improving dead-lift which I was super excited about!” explained Rachel Krey, a junior power-lifter. “I never feel any judgment or negativity from anyone. The room was full with support and encouragement. 

The power-lifting team plans to partake in a few more meets, where they are hopeful to accomplish many more goals.