Basketball teams start season Wednesday

The Warriors play their first basketball games of the season this week after months of COVID-19 related delays


Mackenzie Sroka

The varsity girls basketball team cheers together during a practice in the West Main Gym on February 2.

Mackenzie Sroka, Staff Writer

MCHS’s boys and girls basketball teams start their season this week. Players are very happy to be back playing basketball and to start to play against other teams. 

Each team practices almost everyday. According to Chris Madson, one of the boy’s basketball coaches, the team practices 6 times a week, off on Sundays. The boys practice in Buckner gym and workout together there.

According to Robert Niemic, the girl’s basketball head coach, the girl’s basketball team practice almost every day at 3 or 4 p.m. The girls practice in the main gym and workout in Buckner Gym.  

The first game for each team is almost here. All basketball teams will be playing their first games on the same night against the same school. “The first game is February 10 versus Hampshire, but no fans are allowed,” explained Neimic. Many players expressed they were upset about no fans allowed, but are looking forward to playing their first game of the season, and to see if their hard work paid off. 

According to Marissa Hanley, a girls basketball player, her favorite part about practices is working hard to improve as a team each day and her favorite part about games is seeing all the work we have put into practice being able to show on the court. 

The simple fact of being able to play basketball makes so many players excited. 

“This season, my favorite thing about practices or games was just being able to be there. Not knowing if we would have a season or not was really stressful, and simply being allowed to get back in the gym to practice/play with my teammates one last time before I graduate really meant a lot to me,” described Daivd Wachter, a boys basketball player. Participating in games and practices means more to a lot of the players than what meets the eye, they get to play their sport and push themselves to success. 

Seniors on the basketball teams look forward to the season ahead of them, hoping to finish their high school sports career strong. This basketball season has been very unpredictable for the players, but they are thrilled just to have a season to play. 

“This is my last year playing and this season is very unprecedented, so I’m most excited to see what comes of it. It obviously won’t be the normal senior season that I’ve dreamt about, but I am very excited to get one last go at it with my teammates and most importantly the seniors that I’ve grown up playing with,” explained Wachter. 

Most players would say that the morale has never been higher. The teams are so excited to be back playing basketball. According to Ashley Wachter, a girls basketball player, “I think we have a lot of potential going into this season and I can’t wait to see where it takes us! The drive for success is extreme this season, especially for this year’s senior players.” 

As the basketball season progresses the players become more excited as they approach their first game. They will soon be able to see if all of their hard work at practice has paid off.