Robotman to drop first release

2023 Battle of the Bands winners Robotman have announced an EP of original music in the works, along with upcoming performances


Gabe Santos

MCHS band Robot Man won the 2023 Battle of the Bands, played at the spring spirit rally and has become popular. The band will be releasing original music soon.

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Local darlings Robotman burst onto the scene in early February to roaring applause. The group, composed of junior students Charlie Miller, Coco Levesque, and James Mihevic, would win the Battle Of The Bands competition, and capture the hearts of the MCHS student body. As of recently, the band announced an EP of original recordings.

The working title is “I Built This Robot In My Garage”, and thus far, the group is aiming to reach 4-5 tracks.

“When we write songs we take inspiration from a ton of different bands, but the ones you can really hear in the songs are mostly Twenty One Pilots, Waterparks, and a little bit of Metallica,” said guitarist Coco Levesque.

What should listeners be prepared for with Robotman’s big break into original music? Drummer and occasional vocalist Charlie Miller described it as “Like if you took a box full of robot parts, threw it down the stairs, then tried to build something out of whatever fell out of the box.” Rest assured, the homegrown garage band vibe of the group will surely remain.

With all of this social media buzz surrounding the band, fans are clamoring for a preview into the work in progress EP. “We are looking for audio interfaces so we can record, but once we get that we will definitely be putting some (singles) out!” said Levesque.

Along with the reveal of the record, Robotman recently announced a performance at Veterans Park on May 25, and also a line of t-shirts to be released very soon. “We are performing at the jazz bands final performance at the gazebo, and we are planning on joining the competition for the Raue Center of the Arts Battle Of The Bands. After that, we will be playing new gigs, hopefully!” said frontman and bassist James Mihevic.

The news has fans eagerly waiting to hear from the trio. With singles, performances, and a whole EP of new music on the way, followers eat up every teaser and announcement the group puts out. The momentum for the group is undeniable, and the robot made of scraps and found parts shows no signs of slowing down.